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oval circle labelsOval and Circle Labels:

Custom printed oval and circle labels & stickers.

Simple yet sublte circular and oval-shaped stickers for all labeling needs.

Oval and circle labels fall into the simple cut style like their cousin the square (or rectangular) cut labels but offer a more unique look with a little more flair then the typical boxy looking cut of square labels.

Oval labels and circle labels are a very popular labeling option for various and are commonly seen being used for soap and candle labels, food labels, product labels of all sorts and so much more. Oval and circle labels (stickers) serve as great promotional giveaways as well and can also double as identification decals for commercial and personal items.

As with all our other label choices, oval and circle labels, stickers and decals can be printed on a variety of short-term and long-term stocks from paper to durable outdoor vinyl. Oval and circle labels are typically printed on white stock but can be ordered on clear stock for labels that want to have a transparent background to let the product shine through. With low minimums and no size limitations oval labels and circle labels can be ordered easily and quickly online or over the phone.

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