Mesh BannersPerforated vinyl banners that are wind-tolerant..


Mesh Banners (Wind Banners)

Wind resistant vinyl mesh banners with micro holes.

  • Breathable Material - Vinyl banners with tiny holes in the material allowing wind to pass through.
  • Full Color - Vibrant high resolution printing at any size that you can see through.
  • Finishing Options - Stitched and hemmed or straight cut edges with grommets every 24" - 30" all around. Also non-grommeted for window shade displays.
  • Wind Resistant - Great banner for windy environments or window shades.

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Popular uses for Mesh Banners:

  • Window Shades - Great for indoor advertisements that require a see-through nature which also serves as a great sunblock.
  • Fence Banners - The micro-holes allow wind to pass through the banner instead of creating the sail effect of non-mesh banners.
  • Over-The-Road Signs - A great alternative that doesn't require any wind slits for single-sided banner advertising.
  • Building Signs - Sophisticated and trendy digital banner for extra-large building banners.
  • Trade Shows/Events - Utilize mesh banners in retractable banner stands, adjustable banner stands or as table banners and more.

Mesh banners are made from a durable vinyl material that has thousands of tiny little micro holes in the fabric that allow wind to pass through the banner easily without compromising the integrity of strength of the banner itself.

Mesh banners can be used indoors or outdoors but are very popular with outdoor applications that are located in windy areas. The perforated material helps the banner flow with the wind instead of acting like a sail in windy conditions unlike the solid (non-perforated) vinyl banner material that regular and over-sized banners are printed on.


Mesh Banner specs and details:

  • Small sizes for table-top displays to large over-the-street banner sizes.
  • Perforated material gives the banner a wind-resistant nature that is durable for outdoor signage in windy areas.
  • Several different finishing options to fit your mesh banner needs for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Very color receptive banner material for visually stunning and vibrant banner prints.
  • Micro-holes give the banner a somewhat translucent appearance for semi see-through displays.

Even with hundreds of tiny little holes in the material, mesh wind banners, are just as sturdy as their regular banner counterparts. These sleek and innovative banners are digitally printed on full color printing machines producing beautifully rich images and graphics that make for stunning displays indoors or outdoors.

Mesh banners are also weather resistant so they can be left outdoors over the course of years making them a great investment for advertising, marketing, promotion or personal use. Mesh banners can be constructed to any size from a small mesh banner to an extra large over-the-street mesh banners with reinforced corners for extra stability. The only drawback of a mesh wind banner, because of it's perforated see-through nature, is that mesh banners can't be double-sided. 

For a viable double-sided wind banner option, look into custom-made fabric flag banners, that can be single-sided or double-sided. Flag wind banners are made to fit on poles that attach to bases or stakes, that have a 360 degree swinging radius, for indoor or outdoor use.



Does the mesh banner material compromise print quality?

Absolutely not. The perforated vinyl banner material has tons of little micro holes that really aren't noticeable until you get closer to the banner. Mesh banners are digitally printed so the color will be just as vibrant and colorful as our standard non-mesh banners.

Is a mesh banner a good option for over-the-street banners or pole banners?

Because of the somewhat see-through nature of the mesh banner material this style of banner is best suited for single-sided use. Most street banners and pole banners tend to be double-sided, sometimes with opposing information on either side, which to achieve on a mesh banner would alter the dynamic of the banner itself. Making a mesh banner double-sided would require block-out material in between the prints which cancels out the whole wind-resistant nature of the mesh banner.

Why would I choose a mesh banner over a regular banner for windy areas?

Regular printed banners are a little cheaper (material wise) than mesh banners but also act somewhat like a sale because the vinyl banner material is solid. Mesh banner material is perforated, allowing air to pass through tons of tiny little holes, making the banner better suited for installations in windy areas. (Please note: Any banners placed in very windy or gusty areas, mesh or otherwise, still run the risk of damage due to trauma the banner may sustain from uncommon wind conditions.)

How do I order a mesh banner to display in a window environment?

Our mesh banner material can also be printed and installed onto a roll-up window-shade apparatus for easy window displays that also act as a sun-shade. The great advantage of mesh banner materials that are printed and hung on windows is the somewhat see-through nature of the banner material allowing for two way visibility. Another way to display a mesh banner in your window would be to purchase suction cups and hang the mesh banner from grommets placed around the banner.

What type of finishing options are available to mesh banners?

Typically mesh banners have straight cut edges and grommets all the way around the banner. This style of finishing is standard and works best for more normal uses and installations. For mesh banners that may be in more stressful wind situations (on a fence or over-the-street), stitching and hemming the edges and reinforcing the corners of the mesh banner, give the banner a bit more durability and stability. And of course you can always choose straight cut edges without grommets for creating the aforementioned mesh banner "window shades".

How long will mesh banners last outdoors?

Mesh banners will last just as long as regular standard printed banners. The banner material will last longer than the print itself which usually last for about 3 to 5 years depending on how much sun the banner gets. Banner prints that are installed in shady areas will last long than banners place in very sunny areas.

Ordering a mesh banner made easy...

1) Decide on a mesh banner size and finishing options.

As with any banner order you'll need to know what size your mesh banner needs to be. You'll also need to figure out how you want your mesh banner finished: straight cut edges with grommets, stitched and hemmed with grommets or window shade finishing (straight cut edges without grommets mounted onto a roll-up window display system.

2) Get some pricing.

Give us a call with your mesh banner needs to request pricing. You may also request a Mesh Banner Quote online, which will prompt a call or email from one of our friendly sales team,  with pricing or further questions to determine pricing. If you need banner design help, please consult with your sales representative during the pricing process.

3) Place an order.

Next step is to place your order, via phone, after you obtain pricing. You'll be working closely with a banner specialist to fulfill your order with typical mesh banner orders usually taking 5 to 7 business days to complete after artwork approval (not including ship time).

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