Bumper StickersDurable vinyl bumper sticker decals.


Custom printed bumper sticker decals made to order!

  • Spot Color - One, Two or Three color printing.
  • Full Color - 4-color process and PMS color matching available.
  • Any size - Standard sizes as well as custom sizes available.
  • Any quantity - From 1 - 1,000 or more.
  • Simple shapes - Rectangular or Square Cut. Circular and Oval options available upon request.

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Great uses for custom Bumper Stickers!

  • Business advertising - Include your company information to promote your business using bumper stickers.
  • Self expression - Colorful sayings; bible verses; mantras, etc. Get them in print and pass out bumper stickers to your friends and family.
  • Rock Bands - Create a custom bumper sticker with your band logo and pass them out at your next concert gig.
  • Team Sponsorship - Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, Football, etc. Cheer on your team with a custom bumper sticker that includes your team logo, mascot or name.
  • Schools - School related bumper stickers are a great gift to high-achieving students and parents to display proudly on their vehicles.
  • Churches - Spread the word of the gospel by passing out custom bumper stickers to your congregation to proclaim their faith and their church affiliation.
  • Political - Great for campaign years to expand a candidates influence and reach.

Want to advertise your product at a low and affordable price? Bumper stickers offer an easy and effective way to promote your product, organization, band, school, church, restaurant or event, etc. Or if you simply want to make a statement, custom bumper stickers are the answer. Bumper stickers are an integral part of of Americana because people love bumper stickers whether they have funny sayings; inspirational messages; a claim to excellence or accomplishment by a student or child; or simply a keep-sake from your favorite restaurant or bar to show support of your favorite establishments.

Bumper stickers are great for large volume quantities to give away or to resell. When you order in large quantities you save price wise. Because the higher the volume the lower the per piece price. Not to say that you can't print small run quantities, but larger runs are more economical.

Bumper stickers are predominately printed in one of two ways: Spot Color and Process Color. Spot color involves pre-determined basic colors (i.e. red, yellow, blue, black, etc.) on white material. Spot color printing requires specific vector based files to be able to separate the colors for print. While process color allows for a multitude of colors (i.e. photos, logos with gradients, etc.) to be printed on white material and does not require any vector based files for print production.

For more information on bumper stickers, give our print specialists a call at 1-866-267-4467, to answer any of your questions or help you place an order.

Bumper stickers made easy and affordable.

  • Our bumper stickers are printed on durable vinyl with permanent adhesive backing.
  • From 1 square inch to 4 square feet. Larger sizes available.
  • Quantities from 1 - 10,000
  • Install ready...just peel and stick.
  • Long lasting, fade resistant inks.
  • Repositionable during initial application.
  • Static Cling options available.
  • Spot color or Process color options.

Bumper stickers offer an easy and effective way to promote your product, organization, band or event. Even if you just want to make personalized bumper stickers just to convey a message or make a statement. Bumper stickers can be printed in spot colors (pre-determined standard colors) or in vibrant full color digital. Our bumper sticker vinyl stock has a long lasting vinyl adhesive that is initially repositionable during application. We offer a range of standard bumper sticker sizes and also can accommodate custom bumper sticker sizes in any quantity you need at low and affordable prices.

Ordering bumper sticker decals is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3!

1. Get a price: Choose your size, quantity and finish from the bumper sticker pricing calculator page. You can even enter your zip code below the "Order Now" button to calculate the shipping charges to your specific area.

2. Place your order: After you get your price, click the "Order Now" button. A credit card is all we need to get started. We accept all major cred cards and our secured services will provide the protection you need when ordering online.

3. Upload your artwork: Easily upload your bumper sticker artwork to our website. When we receive your artwork, one of our design specialists will open the file and check the artwork for overall quality, sizing, compatibility and color. After inspection, we provide the customer with visual proofs of their artwork, pricing information and shipping information for review. Once the customer approves their design, the order goes straight into print production and is shipped out within 2 - 3 business days (large quantity orders take longer to produce.)


I only need a few bumper stickers, do you have a minimum order amount?

When it comes to minimum orders we don't have any problem just printing one or two as we print any quantity, whether you want 1 or 1,000. Of course, the more you order, the lower the per piece price becomes. When ordering, consider purchasing a few extra bumper stickers, to get more bang for your buck and also to have spares if you need them.

How long will the your bumper stickers last?

We offer two different types of vinyl choices when producing our bumper stickers. Standard vinyl will last 2 - 3 years without lamination. Premium vinyl will last about 3 - 5 years without lamination. We do offer a "lamination" option that protects the print of the bumper sticker and also increases the longevity of the product.

Do you offer design if I don't have any artwork available?

Yes, we have several on-site graphic designers to help you put together a design if you do not have any "print ready" artwork. Please contact our customer service team at 1-866-267-4467 to receive an accurate quote for design.

I have my own design, do you charge any set-up fees?

The answer is NO. We do not have any set up fees when you provide your own "ready to print" artwork. Print ready artwork should be built to the requested size being ordered. Also, please remember to use high-resolution images to insure a crisp and clean print. As an extra added bonus, our design team reviews all files for free, to ensure that our customer's get the best quality print for their money. If artwork issues arise, our design team will discuss and troubleshoot with the customer, instead of just automatically sending bad artwork to print.

What types of files do you accept for upload?

The best files to use when uploading your artwork are the following: .PDF, .EPS, .AI, .JPG and .TIF. Illustrator Tips: Outline all fonts and embed all images. Photoshop Tips: Use high resolution artwork and flatten all layers before uploading. Also, when building your file make sure that it is built to size at 100-150 dpi. If you have any questions about correct files to upload, give our design specialists a call at 1-866-267-4467, they'll be happy to help.

What is the lead time for standard bumper sticker orders?

Standard production time is approximately 2 - 4 business days after customer approval of artwork and order. A standard order for bumper stickers would be 1 - 500. Larger orders will require long lead times which can be from 6 - 8 business days. We do offer expedited services as our production schedule allows. If you are in need of a large order of bumper stickers with a short lead time, please give us a call to check our availability to complete your order on your time schedule.

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