Plastic LettersLight-weight acrylic dimensional wall lettering.

Flat cut plastic letter and graphicPlastic letters: Formed, flat and injection molded wall lettering.

Light weight and affordable plastic logos and letters.

When it comes to affordability, plastic lettering is at the forefront of the architectural signage market. Plastic lettering allows you to create the look of custom metal lettering at a fraction of the cost, while still yielding a durable high-quality product that will last a lifetime.

Plastic lettering also affords many more options than traditional metal letters or high density foam letters, making this type of dimensional lettering very market friendly. With plastic lettering you can achieve flat, round or prismatic signage with ease and within budget.

Plastic lettering is available in 4 distinct forms: Injection-Molded letters; Standard Formed letters; Custom Formed letters and Cut Acrylic letters. With many different varieties of sizes, thicknesses, fonts and color options, you can create just about any custom look you desire.

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Injection molded plastic lettersPlastic Lettering - Injection molded letters

These premium plastic letters have origins dating back to the 1960's. Our plastic injection molded letters are often referred to as Minnesota letters. Minnesota lettering comes in standard fonts and colors with options to achieve a solid metal letter appearance also. These dimensional letters are light weight and very easy to install.

pre-made 3-D plastic lettersStandard style, pre-made formed plastic letters

Standard formed plastic letters have a vast array of standard colors and fonts that can be combined for very unique looks in a short amount of time. Since this type of lettering is already manufactured in pre-determined sizes, thicknesses and fonts it can be ordered and shipped normally within a few days.

Custom made formed plastic lettersCustom formed plastic letters and logos

Custom formed letters allow for replication of custom logos and type styles outside of the standard formed lettering molds available. Formed plastic lettering allows for extra depth with flat, round or prismatic face options. By supplying a vector file, this type of lettering, gives 2-D electronic art a refined 3-D look at reasonable prices within a quick amount of time.

Acrylic flat cut plastic letteringAcrylic plastic lettering and logos

Flat cut acrylic letters and logos are laser cut from sheets of clear or pigmented material for with very clean look at nearly unbeatable pricing. Acrylic comes in 7 thicknesses with 32 standard pigmented colors. In addition to the standard colors, clear acrylic can be painted using a PMS color matching system to replicate special company colors.

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