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  • Cork Board Displays with wood frame.
  • Open and closed signs for windows.
  • Pedestal tack board and pedestal cork boards.
  • Dry erase boards.
  • Double sided pedestal dry erase boards.

Additonal information on our letterboard signage.

Letter boards, also sometimes referred to as marquee signs, are a form of changeable signage which utilizes movable letters and numbers. Letter boards and marquee signs are great for businesses, buildings, people and institutions that require their information to change on a regular basis. Some common uses for letter boards and marquee signs include movie theaters, to announce their current list of films being shown; churches, to display sermon and worship times; and restaurants or stores to display open hours, vacancy information or general availability.

Letter boards and marquee signage are either open-faced or enclosed. Letter boards and marquee signs can be hung, displayed in windows or be a free-standing pedestal sign. Most models include letter and number sets. Check out our stock of letter boards and marquee signs to see which one is right for you.

Types of Letter Boards and Marque Signs we offer:

  • ENCLOSED LETTER BOARDS:The display case look with indoor and outdoor models including wood or aluminum casings that offer cork or felt interiors.
  • WINDOW LETTER BOARD SIGNS: High density polyethylene letter boards adhere with suction cups to the inside or outside of a window.
  • PEDESTAL LETTER BOARDS:Free-standing enclosed or open-faced stands that come in a variety of materials for the base and the letter board itself, which can be single-sided, or double-sided some with optional acrylic brochure and book holders.

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