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student parkingAluminum Signs: Weather Resistant

Strong and durable aluminum signs!

Heavy Duty - Affordable - Long Term Use

When your sign needs to be extra sturdy, aluminum signs are the way to go. Aluminum signs are made for extended long term outdoor use and are extremely weather proof. Although you can use aluminum signs indoors or outdoors, this sign substrate is by far the toughest.

Aluminum signs are the most rugged sign substrate choice over PVC signs or Coroplast signs. They are also the only weather resistant sign material that can be left outdoors for long term exterior use. Custom made aluminum signs are considered permanent signage because of their longevity, strength and weather resistance.

Aluminum signs can utilize both sides of the material making them either one-sided or two-sided depending on your signage needs. Aluminum signs come in varying thicknesses starting out with .040 (thin) or a slightly thicker .063 aluminum to .080 thick aluminum. Choosing a thickness for your aluminum signs depends on how they will be hung or displayed. If you are making an aluminum sign that is either screwed into a wall or zip-tied to a fence (like the picture above) you can go with a thinner grade of aluminum. For aluminum signs that will be on a post you may want to go with a thicker aluminum that is harder to bend.

Creating a custom aluminum sign consists of either mounting digital decal prints or cut vinyl lettering to the face of the aluminum sign (and the back for double-sided aluminum signs). Aluminum signs can either have square corners or rounded corners. Rounded corners are suggested for large aluminum signs for safety reasons, especially if they are being displayed in public areas with high traffic, so that nobody bumps into the sign and hurts themselves on a sharp edge.

Some popular aluminum sign uses are for various real estate signs (yard signs or hanging signs), directional signs, warning signs, notice signs, permanent retail signs, caution signs, a-frame sign inserts, building signs, parking signs and so much more.

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