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Banner FAQ's


We carry a variety of different banner styles for all sorts of different advertising, personal and marketing uses. Here are the most common questions that our customers ask about banner production time, artwork requirements, durability, longevity and more.

  • What banner finishing styles are offered? +

    Banner Finishing Styles We offer a variety of banner finishing styles to suit every banner need. Once a banner is printed it will need to be "finished". The banner finishing style is determined by the style of banner you order Read More
  • What types of banners do you print? +

    Banner Types: Printed, Pole, Mesh, etc. We print all sorts of different banners to satisfy your banner needs. We have a wide variety of banner types to choose from for your banner sign needs. The banner types listed below are Read More
  • How cheap is your banner pricing? +

    Affordable Banner Prices Our banners are well-priced for the level of service and quality of our product. Industry wide we have some of the cheapest banner prices when it comes to the personalized service and high-quality products we produce for Read More
  • How long do banners last outdoors? +

    Outdoor Banner Life Banners typically last 3 to 5 years outdoors, sometimes longer. The answer to this question though lies in what type of banner is purchased; how the banner is installed; banner maintenance and care; and lastly what kind Read More
  • How are banners hung? +

    Banner Hanging Tips Depending on your banner type, there are several ways to hang a banner. We carry several different banner types which can be hung in a multitude of ways depending on their location either indoors or outdoors. Properly Read More
  • What's the best way to store a banner? +

    Banner Storage Tips When not in use it's always best to roll up a banner for storage. Depending on your banner needs and uses there will be times when your banner may need to be stored in between uses or Read More
  • Do banners require wind-slits for better air flow? +

    Are Banner Wind Slits Necessary? Some companies say yes...we say no. Even though it is a proven fact that printed vinyl banners have the tendency to act like a sail, cutting into the material to produce wind slits, isn't necessarily Read More
  • Can I order a double-sided banner? +

    Do you make double-sided banners? Absolutely! We produce both single-sided and double-sided banners. Single-sided banners are great for one-sided viewing, but what about when your banner needs require dual visibility? The answer is a double-sided banner. These unique banners carry Read More
  • What is your banner turn-around time? +

    Quick Banner Turn-Aaround Times Most banners can be completed within 2 to 3 business days. Our most common standard banner orders (including our rip-resistant banners) are typically printed and ready for pick-up or ready to be shipped very quickly. Since Read More
  • Are banners weatherproof? +

    Are Your Banners Weatherproof? Yes. Most all styles of banners we produce are completely weatherproof. So you might wonder how exactly are banners deemed weather proof? Well simply put, they to utilize a weatherproof based substrate and incorporate weatherproof inks Read More
  • Do I need a large banner? +

    How Large of a Banner Should I Order? That all depends on your actual banner needs and requirements. Large banners are easily seen and can be visually impressive, but depending on your banner needs and budget, you may not require Read More
  • Do you offer banner design services? +

    Do you have any banner design options? We most certainly do. Need help with banner design...we got you covered! We have a very talented group of graphic designs that have been honing their craft for many years. Our graphic designs Read More
  • What is a typical banner lifespan? +

    How long do banners last for? Banner lifespan and longevity is determined by it's use. All banners are not created equal and have different lifespans depending on installation, location, maintenance and care. A banner that is hung inside of an Read More
  • Do you make fabric, flag or mesh banners? +

    Flag Banners | Mesh Banners | And more! Banners are our specialty! We provide a variety of banners. We've been in the banner printing industry for over 25 years with banner printing being one of our main specialties. As the years have Read More
  • Are your printed banners in full color? +

    Full Color Banner Printing We feature full color banner printing and more! Most all of the banners that we produce are printed in digitally printed in full color. Printing banners in full color, utilizing a CMYK color format, produces rich Read More
  • Do your printed banners have a glossy or matte look? +

    Matte or Glossy Banner Options. We have both banner options to suit your needs. We produce a variety of different styles and types of banners to meet our customers needs. But this particular question and answer will deal directly with Read More
  • Will my large banner have any seams? +

    Do large banners have any seams? Only when the banner size will exceed the material size. The term large banner is relative to the actual size of your banner and what you consider large. Some people would think a banner Read More
  • Are there any banner size minimums or maximums? +

    Are there any banner size requirements? No, we can print any size banner...large or small! When it comes to banner printing we can print just about any size banner you need and do not have any banner size minimums or Read More
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Decal & Lettering FAQs


Decals and lettering are very popular items that generate a lot of questions because there are so many different styles and types of decals and lettering that include labels and stickers as well. Here are some of the top questions that our customers typically ask about these products.

  • How are vinyl letters and decals applied? +

    Easy Vinyl Application Tips: With just a few tools you can install vinyl quickly and easily. For the most part installing cut vinyl lettering and adhesive vinyl decals is an easy one person job, although larger pieces may require a Read More
  • What is computer cut (die-cut) vinyl? +

    Computer cut (die-cut) vinyl is lettering or decals that are cut-to-shape. Most people who are looking for adhesive vinyl that is cut to shape actually utilize the reference die-cut lettering or die-cut decals a lot. Die-cutting decals and computer cut Read More
  • Intermediate or High Performance vinyl...what's the difference?? +

    What makes Standard & Premium vinyls different? Both vinyls are quite different and suit different purposes. Intermediate vinyl and high performance vinyl both have individual qualities that make them better suited for specific projects. And your lettering or decal needs Read More
  • How will my vinyl lettering look upon arrival? +

    What to expect when your vinyl arrives. Vinyl lettering orders will arrive as one piece for instant application. Vinyl lettering is intended to be pre-spaced and come as one piece so that you don't have to line up letters and Read More
  • What type of file is required for cut vinyl lettering? +

    File types for cut vinyl decals & lettering. Cut vinyl lettering requires a vector-based file to be cut-to-shape. To be able to cut vinyl lettering to shape specific vector-based files are required. Vector based files are usually created in Adobe Read More
  • How do I know what vinyl letter size to choose? +

    How do I know what vinyl letter size I need? Determining a vinyl letter size is easy with these simple tips. When it comes to vinyl letter sizing a lot of people either shoot to big on sizing or aren't Read More
  • Do you offer "inside glass" decals & lettering? +

    Can decals or letters be applied on the "inside" of glass? Yes, decals and letters can be ordered for an "inside glass" application. When it comes to window decals, window lettering and window graphics (a combination of window lettering and Read More
  • Do you cut or print vinyl lettering? +

    Are vinyl letters cut or printed? We produce both cut vinyl letters and printed vinyl letters. Vinyl lettering is a very popular for a multitude of projects like vehicle lettering, window lettering, wall lettering, etc. and can be used to Read More
  • What vinyl letter colors are best? +

    Are there any preferred vinyl letter colors? On some surfaces, yes, certain vinyl colors work better. Cut vinyl comes in a variety of different standard colors and specialty colors from your regular black, white, brown, etc. to more unique colors Read More
  • How do you price vinyl lettering? +

    How do I calculate vinyl letter pricing? Vinyl lettering is priced by size, quantities and material. Vinyl lettering is a great alternative to painting and serves as a permanent, yet temporary, sign option. And unlike painting that needs to be Read More
  • What does vinyl weeding mean? +

    What is vinyl weeding? Vinyl weeding is a term for an action used to prepare lettering & decals. When ordering vinyl decals or vinyl lettering the term "weeding" (or picking) might come up. If you are not familiar with sign Read More
  • Do decals do any surface damage? +

    Will decals damage the application surface? Decals are made to be applied and removed without surface damage. Our adhesive decals, labels and stickers are easily applied to many different surfaces for many different short term and long term uses. But Read More
  • Whats the difference between decals, stickers and graphics? +

    Is there are difference between decals, stickers and graphics? Yes and no, but technically they all fall into the same category. When it comes to decals (and lettering) there are lots of ways to describe them. Decals go by many Read More
  • Can I order custom cut decals? +

    Do you make custom cut decals? Yes, we can make custom cut decals and lettering. Custom cutting of decals is very popular and very sought after for lots of lettering and decal projects. Decal custom cuts can be simple or Read More
  • Are decals easily removable? +

    Can decals be removed easily? Decals are pretty easy to remove when the time comes. While decals are adhesive in nature, for the sole purpose of being used for long periods of time both indoors and outdoors, they can usually Read More
  • Are decals permanent? +

    Are decals a permanent product? Decals are permanent while also being semi-permanent. The whole objective of a decal is to adhere to your vehicle, window, wall, floor, etc. for long periods of time providing you with long-term advertising, branding and Read More
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Orders & Artwork FAQ's


Lots of people do their sign shopping online these days and lots of questions can arise when it comes to placing an order or submitting the proper art files to complete an order. Please reference this section for questions you may have about ordering a sign or furnishing art files, requesting design assistance, turn around times, etc.

  • Where do you ship too? +

    Signs Shipped via UPS to the States All our sign products can be shipped anywhere in the United States. Our physical retail location is located in Orange County, California, in the city of Tustin. We have a great base of Read More
  • What is the maximum file size accepted? +

    Acceptable File Sizes and Files We have the capability to accept files up to 64mb on our website. For orders, quotations and art uploads our website can accept a maximum 64mb file in the following preferred formats: ILLUSTRATOR: .ai .eps, Read More
  • What type of files do you accept for artwork? +

    What Type of Art Files are Best? High resolution digital artwork files are preferred. When it comes to sign making there are lots of different types of artwork files that can be submitted. Some artwork files are extremely print-friendly while Read More
  • Can I place a sign order via phone not internet? +

    Can I Phone In A Sign Order Easily? Yes. Yes....and Yes! In fact we prefer you call us for all your sign needs. Ordering a sign online, while impersonal, for the most part is easy to do. But actually placing Read More
  • Can images off the web be used in a sign design? +

    Can Web Images Be Used for My Sign? Typically images taken from the web are poor quality and unusable. Most all website images are very low resolution, as well as very small, because they are only be viewed on a Read More
  • Why do fonts need to be converted to outlines? +

    Outline Fonts for Less Art Problems When fonts are not converted to outlines it could cause print issues. With literally thousands upon thousands of different font styles infiltrating the graphic design industry not every sign company can house each and Read More
  • What is "vector" artwork? +

    What does "vector" mean? Vector artwork is a term for die-cut printing. When it comes to artwork there are two different styles: Vector and Raster. Raster files are great for digital printing but can't be cut to shape. Whereas vector Read More
  • What is "raster" artwork? +

    What does "raster" mean? Raster artwork is a term for digital images. The best and easiest way to describe "raster" artwork is to envision an image or picture. Images are made up of literally hundreds upon thousands of teeny-tiny little Read More
  • How fast can I get a sign made? +

    What is the turn-around time on signs? We have very quick turn-around times on most orders. PLEASE NOTE: The term turn-around time, or production time, refers to the in-house production time it takes to complete an order for pick-up or Read More
  • How do I place an order? +

    How do I order signs, decals, banners, etc? Easily order online, over the phone or in person. In an effort to make the sign purchasing experience as easy and painless for our customers we have three distinct ways of placing Read More
  • How do I cancel or change an order? +

    Can I cancel or change an order? Call immediately for any order changes or cancellations. If you have approved your order and need to make any changes to the order, or for some reason, need to cancel your order it Read More
  • What payment options are available? +

    How do I pay for my order? We accept credit cards, checks or cash on our sign orders. With three different ways to order a sign we of course have a few difference ways that you can pay for your Read More
  • What happens after I place an order? +

    How does the ordering process work? Welcome to OCsigns.com! Here's what to expect when ordering with us. We have been in business for over 25 years and are very good at what we do. With a friendly and knowledgeable sales Read More
  • What states get charged tax? +

    Do all orders get charged tax? Not all orders have state tax charges. Although we produce sign products that ship all over the United States only orders originating in California will be charged tax. Since we are based in California Read More
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Magnetic Sign FAQ's


Magnetic signs are the perfect answer to inexpensive and cheap mobile advertising without committing to permanent vehicle graphics. But as with any sign, there are questions, and this section should help answer the most frequently asked magnetic sign questions we encounter.

  • What causes magnetic signs to fly off vehicles? +

    How to prevent Magnetic Sign Loss Most magnetic sign fly-offs are caused by improper installation. We use 100% American made 30 mil thick magnetic sheeting for our car magnetic signs, truck magnetic signs and van magnetic signs which give our Read More
  • Do you offer magnetic sign design services? +

    We most certainly do! Let us help you with your magnetic sign design. We employ a graphic team that has been creating magnetic sign designs and layouts for a good long time. Our talented magnetic sign designers are very skilled Read More
  • How can I use my logo on a magnetic sign? +

    How can I get my logo on a Magnetic Sign? Simply supply us with your logo and we'll do the rest! If you have a digital art file of your logo that's about all we'll need to incorporate it onto Read More
  • What are your magnetic sign prices like? +

    Fair and Affordable Magnetic Sign Prices. Our magnetic sign pricing is very competitive among the custom sign industry. We continually strive to make sure that our pricing matches the industry norm when it comes to our magnetic sign product. Not Read More
  • How fast can I get a magnetic sign? +

    How Fast can I get Magnetic Signs Made? The question is...how fast do you need a magnetic sign? Since we are a custom sign shop our magnetic sign turn-around time is very quick. Our normal turn-around time is about 2 Read More
  • Will a magnetic sign stick to any vehicle? +

    Make sure your Magnetic Sign Surface is Metal Magnetic signs are made to adhere to steel vehicle surfaces. So with that being said, if your vehicle is steel through and through, than a magnetic sign will stick to it. There Read More
  • Are magnetic signs weatherproof? +

    Can Magnetic Signs Withstand the Elements? Yes, magnetic signs are designed to be weatherproof for outdoor use. Since magnetic signs are intended to be placed vehicles for mobile advertising purposes all magnetic signs are weather proof in there own right. Read More
  • Is there a standard magnetic sign size? +

    Custom Magnetic Signs for your Vehicle! When it comes to magnetic sign sizes there really is no standard size. With so many makes and models of vehicles traversing the roads these days it would be hard to pin down a Read More
  • Why should I choose rounded corners? +

    Benefits of Rounded Corners on Magnetic Signs Rounded corners on magnetic signs can extend the life of the product. When magnetic signs are produced the corners are actually square. This is because the sign material is measured and cut to Read More
  • How long do magnetic signs last? +

    How Long will Magetic Signs Last For? With proper care and maintenance, they'll last a long time. Our magnetic signs, in and of themselves, are designed and produced to be very durable therefore lasting a good long time out on Read More
  • What do magnetic signs stick to? +

    Will magnetic signs stick to any surface? Magnetic signs are intended for use on metal surfaces. We field a lot of questions about magnetic signs on a daily basis from customer curious about purchasing mobile advertising. And one of the Read More
  • Do magnetic signs damage paint? +

    Will magnetic signs damage my paint? Not with proper installation and maintenance. Magnetic signs are engineered for temporary, non-permanent mobile advertising that has no lasting effects on your vehicle. And typically when magnetic signs are properly maintained and installed there Read More
  • Do you make blank or reflective magnetic signs? +

    Can I order blank or reflective magnetic signs? Yes, we also sell blank and reflective magnetic signs. In addition to our printed magnetic signs we also produce and make a few speciality magnetic signs that include blank magnetic signs, reflective Read More
  • Do magnetic signs have a warranty? +

    Is there a guarantee on magnetic signs? You are guaranteed a high-quality magnetic sign product. We whole-heartedly stand behind our magnetic signs when it comes to craftsmanship and quality. Our magnetic signs utilize 100% American made vehicle grade magnetic sheeting Read More
  • Can magnetic signs go through a car wash? +

    Are magnetic signs car was safe? Please take your magnetic signs off before entering a car wash! Magnetic signs are one of the best non-permanent ways to utilize mobile advertising tactics to get your business, services or message to the Read More
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Questions & Answers

We've been in business for over 25 years and have answered a multitude of questions and answers about all our sign products including some of our more popular items like banners, decals, vinyl lettering, dimensional lettering, vehicle graphics and much more. So we've compiled a list of some of the questions and answers that seem to stand out above the crowd to help our customers get the answers to their sign questions online. But, if you can't find the answers you are looking for in this section, please feel free to call us and ask away. We're here to help your sign buying experience enjoyable, easy, affordable and rewarding.

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