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Aluminum Letters: Flat cut & molded aluminum wall lettering.

Aluminum wall lettering

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Affordable custom metal Aluminum wall letters.

Aluminum metal lettering is extremely lightweight and versatile. For dimensional metal letters, aluminum tends to be the preferred choice, mostly because of it's affordability in comparison with the other four metal materials offered (Bronze letters, Brass letters, Copper letters and Stainless Steel letters). And since Aluminum will not rust, it can weather even the most harshest environmental conditions.

Aluminum metal lettering is available in a variety of pre-determined fonts and sizes that can be easily ordered. Aluminum letters can also be customized, when the proper vector artwork is submitted, to fabricate a more personalized look. But no matter your choice, customized or pre-made, aluminum metal letters can be purchased flat cut or cast, in an array of beautifully painted color finishes, as well as the standard brushed look. This metal also offers rust powdercoating and nouveau patina finishing, for a more decorative look.

Cut aluminum metal lettering is achieved by using very high-tech laser water jets to produce precise and intricate cuts for a very smooth and fluid letter. Cast letters actually use pre-fabricated molds to produce the metal pieces in standard casts (prearranged fonts and sizes); or customized casts (personalized fabricated steel molds), with almost all of the same finishing options as flat cut lettering.

Mounting options are dependant upon how and where the lettering will be installed and also by the type and size of lettering being ordered. For aid with installation, purchasing a paper pattern or drill pattern, is highly recommended.

For wall lettering that is of a more light weight in nature, yet still has full functionality for interior and exterior use, that simulates the look of metal lettering without the cost, please see the following pages for Plastic wall letters and Foam wall letters.


Aluminum Lettering Options and Highlights:

  • Product Guarantee: Lifetime warranty against chipping, fading and cracking.
  • Product Options: Standard Cast; Custom Cast and Flat Cut
  • Finishes: Brushed; Polished; Painted; Anodized; Powdercoat or Patina
  • Sizes: From 2" and up
  • Thickness: Variety of thicknesses starting at 1/8"
  • Mounting options: Flush or stud mounted
  • Installation: Paper patters and drill patterns available for easy installation


Flat Cut Metal - Letters and Logos

flat-cut-metal-letterFlat cut metal letters are precision-cut utilizing high-pressure water jets and lasers out of sheets of metal. Falt cut metal letters come in various depths ranging from 1/8" up to 2" thick out of the following metals: Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Copper or Stainless Steel. Flat cut letters can be cut to just about any font or custom shape with the proper vector-based art files. Flat cut metal dimensional letters also come a variety of over 50 standard finishes that include painted metal letters, anodized metal letters, oxidized letters, polished letters and more (see finishing options below.) Ultimately flat cut metal letters look sleek and professional for interior use and very durable for outdoor use that are practically guaranteed to last a lifetime without any chipping, fading or cracking.

Aluminum Finishes:

flat-cut aluminum-finishes

Bronze Finishes:

flat-cut bronze-finishes

Brass Finishes:

flat-cut brass-finishes

Copper Finishes:

flat-cut copper-finishes

Stainless Steel Finishes:

flat-cut steel-finishes

Cast Metal - Standard & Custom Letters/Logos

cast-metal-letterCast metal letters are made from pouring liquified metal into pre-determined molds or specially created die-cast molds, which when cooled, creates beautifully strong and permanent metal letters with a depth of up to 3" with partially hollow backs to reduce on the weight of the letter. Cast metal letters are made from Aluminum and Bronze metals that both have a variety of finishing options (listed below) and come in a variety of standard fonts, sizes and depths or can be custom made for a completely unique look. Cast metal letters range in size from 2" to 24" with the ability to make larger letters in sections. Cast metal letters can be made with flat faces, rounded faces or prismatic faces and are guaranteed for life.

Aluminum Finishes:

cast-metal aluminum-finishes

Bronze Finishes:

cast-metal bronze-finishes

Fabricated Metal  - Letters and Logos

fabricated-metal-letterStainless steel fabricated metal letters are expertly crafted to give the most depth in the field of architectural signage. Fabricated metal letters have virtually endless design potential with optional LED choices for sign illumination. Ranging in size from 4" to 95", with a depth range up to 5 inches, fabricated metal letters can be custom built to just about any depth specifications with custom faces and returns. Lightweight and corrosion resistant fabricated metal letters make the best choices for businesses in coastal areas and come with a lifetime guarantee.

Fabricated Stainless Steel Finishes:


Painted Metal Letter Color Options

All three metal letter choices come with the option to paint the letters to specific pre-determined colors or can be color-matched to any PMS color. Painting dimensional metal lettering gives you the stability of an extremely durable metal sign while bringing color to your architectural signage. The list of painted metal letter colors below are meant to be used on flat cut or cast aluminum metal letters or fabricated stainless steel metal letters with most all color choices available in gloss, matte, semi-gloss or satin sheens. Painted metal letters can also accommodate contrasting colors on the face and sides of the lettering for a completely unique and custom look.

Paint Colors for Flat Cut, Cast and Fabricated metal letters:

flat-cut-colors aluminum

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