Foam LettersIndoor and outdoor 3-D foam wall lettering.

Foam Letters: Outdoor wall lettering

Standard exterior foam letter

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Foam dimensional lettering for outdoor use.

For extremely cost effective outdoor dimensional signage that still affords you the light weight characteristics of foam lettering while conveying the look of thick metal we offer you short term exterior foam display lettering. This particular product is similar to Gatorfoam but utilizes a 2 lb. density foam with a smooth aluminum painted face giving the pieces a solid metal letter appearance. And while this particular product can be installed outdoors, it can also be used indoors, for an incredibly thick and brilliant metal letter look that our interior foam lettering can't produce.

Exterior foam dimensional lettering is an exceptional deal for the price. This form of lettering allows you to produce high-quality foam letters that resembled painted aluminum signage at unbelievably low prices. Exterior foam lettering has the capability to last outdoors, under normal weather conditions, for many years. And with the almost unlimited finishing options for this product, exterior foam letters are clearly a great choice for premium high-end looks without draining your pockets?

These foam letters actually let you have more depth than actual metal or painted plastic lettering made to resemble metal letters. This is achievable because the foam can be cut up to 3 inches in depth instead of being limited, like painted plastic letters and metal letters, to roughly about an inch in depth. So when you add up the savings in cost and the added depth that foam lettering can achieve, it's a wonder why anybody pays for higher priced metal lettering.

Exterior foam letters offer most of the same mounting options as cast, cut or formed metal lettering. When inquiring about and purchasing foam lettering please make sure to discuss your installation environment to properly assess and order the appropriate hardware to install your custom foam lettering.

Standard Exterior Foam Display Lettering Options and Highlights:

  • Durability: Good life span in normal outdoor climates.
  • Variety: Practically unlimited size and color choices
  • Finishes: Custom or standard paint choices as well as acrylic laminates and more
  • Thicknesses: 1", 1 1/2", 2" and 3"
  • Installation: Easy install with silicone or other mounting options

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