Magnetic SignsRemovable mobile advertising for vehicles.


Big magnets to cover large advertising areas on utility and service vans.

  • Service and Vehicle Doors - Make custom magnetics to your driver and passenger doors as well as rear service door areas.
  • Large Side Panels - Our magnetic material can accommodate up to 24" in height by any length you need to cover the sides of your van.
  • Quality Guarantee - We use 100% American made magnetic material that is vehicle grade and will not ruin your paint job. Our high resolution prints are automatically laminated and utilize fade-resistant inks for a long lasting durable magnetic sign.
  • Any Size, Any Color, Any Design - Have an idea but no art? We can help! Or send us your print-ready artwork and we'll do the rest!

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Custom magnetic signage for your van.

  • Fleet Vehicles - Brand your van fleet for less money than vehicle wraps and allow you more flexibility if your information changes.
  • Mini Vans - Use your personal vehicle for your business during the day and as the family car at night.
  • Utility Vans - We can custom make larger-sized magnetics signs to effectively utilize the large surface areas on all different van makes and models.
  • Temporary Usage - Great for companies that rent vehicles for business use since van magnetics are removable and reusable.
  • Graphic Concealment - Have permanent graphics on your van that need to be covered-up temporarily? No problem...we offer blank magnetic material that effectively hides existing graphics.

For large van magnetic signs, we got you covered! As vehicles go, vans are by far, one of the larger vehicle types with lots of substantial areas of available space to advertise on. Fortunately we produce extra-large van magnetic signs to help outfit your vehicle with your information without having to buy into permanent vehicle graphics. Branding your panel van, mini van or utility van with custom magnetic signs will get you noticed and generate business while you drive and work.

We have the capabilities of printing van magnetic signs at over-sized measurements up to 24" in height by any length necessary. A lot of other sign companies are limited to smaller fixed-size magnetic signs, not us, we can accommodate the extra-large needs to fulfill your van magnetic sign need quickly and affordably. All our van magnetic sign orders are custom-made so you can order all different sizes to properly and attractively advertise on your vehicle.

Extra large van magnetic signs give you the opportunity to brand your business or personal vehicle at affordable prices. And since most cars, vans and trucks are rented or leased purchasing magnetic signs, instead of permanent graphics that will need to be removed eventually, will save you money in the long run by having a product that can be used on a multitude of vehicles again and again.

Another great service we offer, for van magnetic signs, is the ability to purchase large pieces of blank magnetic material to cover-up existing graphics. Some job sites and housing tracts do not allow for permanent signage to be displayed within specific publicly visible sight areas. Blank magnetic van sign material is fairly inexpensive to purchase and can save you from fines or tickets for violations.

Why by magnetic vehicle signs from us? We have been in business for over 25 years and stand behind our products and service. We offer high quality extra-large magnetic van signs at comparable fair market prices utilizing top-quality magnet materials, digital prints, inks and laminates. And our customer service can't be beat! You won't get a recording service here and if you need help with ordering or design for your van magnets, we have a very competent and friendly staff, that is here to serve you from the beginning to the end of your magnetic sign buying experience.

For help or inquiries about our van magnetic signs give us a call at (866) 267-4467. Our knowledgeable sales staff is here to help and would love to serve you and your magnetic sign needs, on time, and within your budget!

Magnetic Vehicle Sign Product Details...

  • Completely removable signage. Easy on, easy off installation.
  • Durable and sturdy with a life expectancy from 2 - 4 years with proper maintenance and care.
  • 30 mil. vehicle grade magnetic material made in the U.S.A.
  • Printed with fade resistant inks and laminated for extra weather resistance.
  • Custom and standard sizes available to fit all vehicle types.
  • Affordable and cost effective for mobile marketing.

Magnetic signs are the #1 choice for removable vehicle signage nationwide. These non-permanent signs are great for all vehicles styles and are more cost effective than permanent vehicle graphics. They offer convenience of use, at affordable prices, for all mobile marketing and advertising needs. The customer controls when the magnetic signs will be used, allowing use of one vehicle, for business and for pleasure. Magnetic signs brand your vehicle at your convenience and practically pay for themselves with the amount of mobile visibility they offer. Let your car work for you and let us be your first choice for high-quality affordable magnetic signs for all your vehicle identification needs.


What is the largest size van magnetic sign I can order?

Our magnetic material comes in rolls of 24" by 50 feet. So essentially you can order any custom size you need for your van magnetic signs that don't exceed 24" in height. So essentially you can order a magnetic sign that is 24" tall by any length. This is great for covering large open areas on lots of different van styles.

How do I order multiple van magnetic signs in different sizes to cover my vehicle?

All you need to do is to create an account with us and begin shopping. You'll utilize the magnetic sign price calculator contained on this page to punch in the size and amount of the first pair of van magnetic signs you need and then add them to your cart. You can then continue to shop by heading back to the pricing page and typing in the sizes and amounts of each different sized van magnetic sign you'll need and then go ahead and check-out. But, you can always call our sales representatives at (866) 267-4467 to help you place a multiple size magnetic sign order.

What is the best way to order van magnetic signs for the back door(s)of my van?

These are great magnetic sign advertising spots that give you even more visibility. Most vans have two hinged doors on the back of the vehicle which can each accommodate their own specific magnetic sign which could be identical or contrasting with different information about your services and what not. Another option create one large sign that spans across both doors where the layout of the van magnetic sign design allows you to cut the sign where the doors meet. Ultimately, you want to make sure that your van magnetics are flush on the vehicle without covering any emblems, door handles or door jams.

How about ordering van magnetics for a sliding van door or opening side doors?

The same rule applies to ordering van magnetic signs for sliding doors and side opening doors. Sliding doors are a little easier because you can purchase one magnetic sign (placed on the door itself, not the track area that the door slides onto) and not have to worry about splitting them across two doors. In the case that your van set-up has two opening doors on the side of the vehicle you'll either want to outfit each one with it's own magnetic sign or create one large one that can be cut where the doors meet.

Can I place a magnetic sign on the intended window cut-out areas of my van?

Yes as long as there are no actual windows there yet. Many utility vans and sprinter vans have window areas that are outfitted with a window design that hasn't actually been cut out yet to place a window into. Those areas are metal and will be magnetic receptive. If you are planning on putting a van magnetic sign in those areas make sure to take proper measurements for the right fit and consider rounding the corners of the magnetic sign for a more fluid look.

Do large van magnetic signs tend to fly-off easier than smaller sized ones?

Not necessarily. Most magnetic sign fly-offs are attributed to improper care, maintenance and installation. When a magnetic sign is handled properly, no matter the size, fly-offs shouldn't happen at all. When ordering any magnetic sign for vans, trucks or cars you'll want to make sure both surfaces of the vehicle and the magnetic sign are free of debris. You can easily wipe down both surfaces with a soft cloth to clean away any dust or dirt build-up that may be present. Also, when placing your van magnetic signs on the vehicle, make sure they are flush on the surface without any gaps that can allow air underneath.

How long will my van magnetic signs last?

Since we laminate all our magnetic sign products (with the exception of certain spot color magnetic signs) our signs typically last anywhere from 3 to 5 years and sometimes longer. If properly maintained your magnetic signs will look great for many years to come bringing your business increased revenue and recognition.

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