Magnetic SignsRemovable mobile advertising for vehicles.

magnetic car door signsMAGNETIC CAR SIGNS

Removable car door signs for mobile advertising on your vehicle.

  • Car Doors - Three standard sizes: 10 x 18 (small), 11 x 20 (medium), 12 x 24 (large) fit most made and models of car doors. Custom sizes also available.
  • High Quality - We use 100% American made vehicle grade magnetic material coupled with high-resolution printing and a top-coat protective laminate.
  • Easy On; Easy Off - Use for business and remove when you are off the clock. Or keep your magnetics on for 24/7 advertising.
  • Simple or Complex Prints - Any Color, Any Design...send us your artwork and we'll do the rest. Have an idea? We can help!

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Custom magnetic signage for your car.

  • Company Vehicles - Advertise on your fleet vehicles without having to commit to permanent vehicle decals.
  • Personal Vehicles - Great way to promote your personal business while you are traveling around town or abroad.
  • Rentals & Leases - Magnetic signs can be used on your temporary transportation vehicles without damaging the exterior of the car.
  • Cover-ups - Do you have permanent signage on your vehicle that needs to be covered up on locations or at home? We have a solution...Blank Magnetic Signs. You can order blank material by the foot, or custom cut to specific sizes, to fit your needs.

Affordable and ideal custom signage that is completely removable. Magnetic signs have fast become the best and most cost efficient way to advertise on your car, truck or van without applying permanent sticky backed decals. You can easily apply and remove your car magnetics at will...allowing you the flexibility to have business or personal advertising on demand! Another great advantage of car magnetics is that they can be transferred from vehicle to vehicle making them a great investment in regards to versatility. So instead of having two vehicles, both outfitted with signage and doubling your cost, you can have one set of magnetic signs to use on as many vehicles as you'd like for a fraction of the cost.

Do you live in a Condominium Community that doesn't allow advertising on your vehicles if they are parked within view of other residents? Or maybe you have company vehicles that need to cover-up any permanent decals while on locations? In either situation car magnetics can be the most convenient and reusable form of concealment. Our magnetic material is ordered in 50 foot rolls and has a white (or blank) surface. You can order blank magnetic material, to disguise your existing permanent signage, by the foot or we can cut the blank magnetic material to your specific size needs.

Our 100% American-made car magnetic signs are highly durable and are a cost-effective way to promote name recognition for your business. By using lettering, logos, graphics and photo images your identity can be professionally displayed with car magnetic signs. The possibilities for vehicle advertising are endless.

Why by magnetic vehicle signs from us? Because we use only the best magnetic material from American made magnetic manufacturers. The magnetic sheeting we buy for use on our car magnets and magnetic signs have a 30 mil. thickness and carry an 85 lb. test pull to minimize your magnetic signs from blowing off your vehicle. We digitally print and laminate all of our magnetic sign prints and use fade-resistant inks to create a long-lasting magnetic sign. So make our magnetic signs your first choice for vehicle identification.

Need help? Give Quick Signs a call at (866) 267-4467. Our knowledgeable sales staff will help you fit your magnetic sign needs on time and within your budget.

Why buy our vehicle Magnetic Signs?

  • Our magnetic signs are long lasting from 2 to 4 years, maybe more with proper installation and maintenance.
  • Our magnetic signs are made from of durable, car grade, .030 magnetic sheeting.
  • 100% magnetic surface.
  • We use premium fade resistant inks.
  • We laminate all our magnetic signs to protect the print and provide added longevity to your purchased product.
  • Easy to install & remove for non-permanent signage.
  • Custom sizes available.
  • Any Quantity. Any Design. Any Size.

Magnetic signs have quickly become the industry leader in non-permanent vehicle signage. Since magnetic signs allow you to use them at will, you can use your vehicle for business and for pleasure all within the same day. When you are out on the road and need to spread the word of your business, or particular service, simply adhere the magnetics to your vehicle. When it's time to clock out for the evening just pull them off the vehicle and store them until you need them again. What could be easier? There is no damage to your vehicle and you don't have to continually drive around with company information on your vehicle. Unless, of course, you want 24/7 advertising...then magnetic signs are still the #1 choice in removable advertising at an affordable price.


How do I know what size magnetic sign will fit my vehicle?

We offer some basic standard sizes for small (10" x 18"), medium (11" x 20") and large (12" x 24") vehicles. But with all the different makes and models and custom detailing of vehicles we suggest that you measure the available "flat" surface area on the portion of your vehicle you wish to use the magnetic signs on to ensure a correct size and fit. Please note that when measuring the available space for your magnetic sign that it should not cover any door handles, door jams, vehicle emblems, raised molding or inverted molding.

Will your magnetic signs stick to all vehicles?

Our vehicle magnetic signs will stick to most cars except for vehicles that lack metal in their doors or have low amounts of metal on the doors (i.e. Corvettes, Saturns.) Another situation that will hinder our magnetic signs receptive capabilities are some forms of automotive repair (i.e. bondo and other non metal body repair items). When in doubt there is a simple way to test your vehicle for it's receptability...simply grab a magnetic from your refrigerator and apply it to your vehicle. If the refrigerator magnet sticks to your vehicle, then our magnetic signs should have no problem sticking to your vehicle also.

What is the normal longevity of your magnetic signs?

Our standard magnetic signs generally last about 3 - 5 years, but in some cases much much longer. All of our magnetic signs are weatherproof and made to withstand the elements (rain, wind, snow, heat, etc.) if properly maintained and installed.

What if I want to order magnetic signs with lettering only (no graphics.)?

No graphics, no problem! If you just want your magnetic signs to have basic lettering (i.e. company name, address, phone, web address, etc.) you can still go through the ordering process and place an order. Once our sales team receives your order, we'll give you a call to find out exactly what you would like on your magnetic signs; or you can give us a call during our operating hours and talk to a live sales representative and place your order over the phone.

I'm interested in designing my own magnetic sign online, do you offer that type of service?

Yes, we do offer an online design center for you to create your own custom magnetic signs. Our automated website offers a variety of different pre-designed templates for you to alter with your own information as well as a "design your own" option to completely create a one-of-a-kind magnetic sign. To design online please click on the following link You will be directed to our online design website service.

I need a little help with a design, do you offer graphic services?

Absolutely! If you have images, logos and text that you would like on your custom magnetic signs, we'd be more than happy to help you bring your idea to life. We have several creative design representatives that can work with you one on one to achieve the look you want for your printed magnetic signs. Give us a call at (866) 267-4467 for further information about our custom graphic services.

Square Corners vs. Rounded Corners...what's the difference?

All our magnetic signs come standard with square corners. We do, however, offer a "rounded corner" choice when ordering your magnetic signs. The only difference we have come to find, is that the slight rounding of the corners, seems to add to the longevity of your magnetic sign when it comes to applying and removing your magnetic signs. The square corners have a tendency to "dog-ear" after years and years of use. We're not sure why, but when the corners are ever so slightly rounded, the dog-ear factor of the square corners, seems to lesson that effect. And truth be told, some customers simply prefer the rounded corners, because they are aesthetically more pleasing to the look of the overall magnetic sign.

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