Wind & Flag BannersFabric flag-style rotational banners.

Wind banners flag bannersWIND BANNERS

Tear drop and feather shaped flag-like wind banners.

  • Highly Visible - Vertical advertising space offers maximum exposure.
  • Weather resistant - Durable fabric banner can be used indoors or outdoors.
  • Portable -Display bases and wind banners come with a carrying case to transport with ease.
  • Variety -We offer different sizes and base display options for indoor/outdoor installations.

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Wind banners for indoor our outdoor use.

  • Retail businesses - Bring attention to your business with a flag banner out in front of your establishment.
  • Sales & Specials - Perfect for showcasing Sales, Specials, Happy Hours, Discounts, New Business, etc.
  • Tradeshows - You don't need any wind for a wind/flag banner to attract the attention you'd like. Tradeshows usually allot a specific size space and vertical advertising is a great asset to possess for generating business and getting noticed in close quarters.
  • Swap Meet - Draw a crowd and sell your wares much quicker and faster with custom wind and flag banners.
  • Limited Space/Advertising Restrictions - Don't have a lot of room for advertising? Does your particular city have sign restrictions? Wind banners take up very little space and can also be stored when not in use.
  • Seasonal Decorations - Our wind banners offer great portability and storability for seasonal decorating around your office, business or home.

The newest trend in informative advertising is blowing in the wind. Wind banners are known by many names...Sail Banners, Wind Sail Banners, Flag Banners, Flying Banners, Tear Drop Banners, Bowhead Banners, Feather Shaped Banners, etc. and come in many different shapes and sizes. But no matter the name, wind banners are great indoor or outdoor signage that stands up to the elements and gets you noticed!

Wind banners are made to withstand moderate weather outdoors and are equally as effective indoors. Since wind banners are printed on a lightweight fabric material they mimic the movements of a typical flag while utilizing their attractive vertical slim-line design for ultimate advertising space. Fabric wind banners can be printed in any color and have a transparent quality to them allowing the viewer to see the image from both sides thus increasing their initial value.

Wind banners predominantly come in a size range akin to small, medium, large & extra large. Wind banners also have different display base options that can be purchased for indoor or outdoor installation. Three basic base styles are stake (for outdoor in-ground display); water-base or a cross-bar base (for indoor or outdoor display.) All flag and wind banner display bases are designed to allow the banner to rotate 360 degrees automatically adjusting with the direction of the wind throughout the day.

All our wind and flag banners come with their own carrying cases. Please note that wind banners and display bases are sold separately. Please give us a call today and inquire about our custom wind banners at (866) 267-4467.

Fabric flag banners perfect for outdoor/indoor advertising.

  • Flowing fabric material is ideal for wind and non-wind environments.
  • Small, medium and large wind banner size options.
  • Indoor and outdoor base options available.
  • Vibrant full color printing onto sturdy fabric weather-proof material.
  • Carrying case included for portability.
  • Single sided or double-sided print capability.

Wind banners are ideal for both indoor and outdoor advertising. Wind banners are predominantly vertical in nature and afford a circular 360 degree maneuverability range so that they can potentially be viewed in just about any direction depending on wind conditions. Their flag-like material also makes for easy viewing on either side of the banner. Wind banners come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Wind banners also have two types of display base options, adding to their versatility, by being able to use one banner indoors and then again outdoors by simply switching out the display bases.


What size wind banner would be best for me?

The size of your wind banner depends on your specific needs, location and space availability. Most wind banners are vertical in nature and are sized using a small, medium and large format structure. If your advertising needs call for your wind banner to be seen from a distance or if there are obstacles in front of your banner, a large size would be your best bet. If you are looking for wind banners to bring attention to your business right around or inside your establishment, then a small or medium size would work perfectly. 

What wind banner shapes do you offer?

Currently we carry two different wind banner shapes...Tear Drop and Feather Shaped. The Tear Drop shaped wind banner has a more compact advertising area and is concentrate towards the top of the display pole constituting a tear-drop shape. Feather Shaped wind banners are longer in length for a more rectangular look maximizing most all of the display pole for a more straight up and down look.

Can wind banners be printed in full color?

Absolutely! Wind banners are printed using a die-sublimation process that allows for full color printing on the fabric material. Full color process printing gives you unlimited opportunities to create a visually stunning wind banner, even if you are only looking for simple and basic color combinations.

Does a wind banner have to be single-sided or can it be double-sided?

Most wind banners are single-sided and can be read from the front and back because of their slightly translucent quality. Single sided banners are most effectively viewed, in either direction, when they have a more simple message. Double-sided wind banners come into play when you need two different messages to adorn the front and back side, that are more complex in nature. Double-sided wind banners are two pieces stitched together, with block out material in between the images, to allow the wind banner to have some density so that both images can be seen, without any bleed-through, from the image on the other side of the wind banner. All wind banners have re-inforced edging for added durability and stability when installed on the pole to display the banner with.

Are wind banners portable?

Yes. Wind banners can be assembled and disassembled with ease and conveniently stored if necessary. All of our wind banners come with carrying cases to house the banner and poles necessary for it's display. Since our wind banners are light weight and come with their own carrying cases, they are great portable advertising mediums for both businesses with a steady location or for traveling to trade-shows, and the like.

WDoes my wind banner purchase include a base for display?

We have three different base options that have different pricing, so the actual "base" for your wind banner will have to be purchased separately. So essentially, when you purchase a wind banner, you are buying the wind banner itself and the poles necessary to erect the wind banner upon. You will need to choose a base option separately depending on your display needs. For outdoor display you can purchase a heavy duty stake base; our indoor base options are a standard indoor base (a metal cross bar and holder) or an indoor base with water tube. If you plan to be using your wind banner indoors and outdoors you might want to consider purchasing both an outdoor stake base along with an indoor base option.

Ordering custom wind banners and flag banners is easy...

Get a quote: There are a few variables, i.e. size, quantity, artwork, etc., that need to be discussed to obtain an accurate price quote on the wind banners we offer. To obtain a quote via phone, please call during our operating hours Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. PST, on our toll-free number (866) 267-4467. To receive a quote online or after business hours, please fill out and submit this online quotation form.

Place an order: Once you have received accurate pricing via phone or online, then it's time to actually place your order and submit your artwork.

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