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purple yard signsCoroplast Signs: Corrugated Plastic Signs

Custom coroplast plastic signs!

Light weight - Economical - Versatile

Corrugated plastic signs, also known as "coroplast signs", are a highly economical rigid sign substrate that can be used in a multitude of ways. Coroplast signs are light weight, reusable, portable and durable enough for outdoor use.

The best way to described corrugated plastic (coroplast) material is that it mimics cardboard, but just in plastic form, giving the material a rigid form. Corrugated plastic also has a little texture to the surface caused by the flutes (open spaces like cardboard) in the material. The flutes allow the coroplast signs to be mounted onto ground stakes for outdoor display. Coroplast signs are most commonly seen in the form of yard signs but can be used for so many other forms of signage, including but not limited to, real estate signs; sidewalk sign inserts; arrow signs and so much more.

Coroplast signs can be single-sided or double-sided depending on your signage needs. Creating a coroplast sign either incorporates a digital print mounted to the face (and back if you need double-sided coroplast signs); or for simple text, cut vinyl lettering can be applied to one or both faces of the corrugated plastic material. Coroplast signs can also be cut into various custom shapes for specialized POP advertising or displays.

Coroplast signs are considered temporary for constant outdoor use, but will last almost indefinitely for indoor signage or with limited outdoor use. Coroplast sign material comes in a few different thicknesses with the standard being a 4 mil variation. For thicker coroplast signs there is a heavy-duty 10 mil sign material. Coroplast is one of the cheaper rigid material substrates and is a great alternative to PVC signs, or aluminum signs, to save some money if your sign requirements don't call for those particular materials.

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