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Metal, Plastic and Foam Dimensional Building Numbers.

3-D Address Numbers - Commercial & Residential

All business buildings and office structures require building numbers for location and identification purposes. And while some businesses opt for painted-on numbers, which can fade over time, a lot of businesses lean towards dimensional building numbers.

Dimensional business numbers, or address numbers, range in size from small suite numbers to extra-large building numbers that can be viewed from blocks away. Building identification numbers range in depth as well from flat cut numbers to thicker depths creating a much more dimensional look.

Building numbers are created by utilizing the same materials as dimentional lettering and can be produced in metal, foam or plastic (acrylic) styles. Building numbers can also be ordered from stock fonts and colors or customized with a wide variety of fonts and color options. Building and office numbers can be created in depths as thin as 1/8 inch on up to about 3 inches depending on the dimensional material chosen. Acrylic and metal building numbers are used for thinner numbering whereas foam building numbers allow for maximum depth for a more dimensional look.

Pricing of dimensional building numbers depends on the overall size in height of the number(s); the amount of numbers ordered; the depth of the building numbers; the type of material chosen for the address numbers, and for more customized numbering, the font or color options chosen.

Building numbers can also be used residentially, as well as, commercially or industrially. If you are looking for more address number variety than what is available at your local do-it-yourself home improvement store you might want to consider utilizing building numbers on your home. Most home improvement stores have a very limited and drab selection of home address numbers. Purchasing dimensional building numbers opens up the door to all sorts of different options that give you the opportunity to accentuate your home with unique address numbers.

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