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Step & Repeat Banners

Custom backdrop banners for all occasions.

  • Material Choices - Choose from glossy or matte vinyl or various fabric banners.
  • Portable & Affordable - Displayed on a stand or simply hung from a wall, scaffolding, etc. Easily move your banner to any location necessary indoors or outdoors.
  • Various Sizes - We can print any size step and repeat background banner to fit your needs from a one person set-up to a 10 foot wide plus print to fit display behind large crowds or bands or for special event photo opportunities.
  • Supply Artwork or Custom Designs - Have your own artwork? Send it our way. Need help with problem!

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Trade Show and Events Tip: Amp up your branding with a custom table cover banner for a more professional and fluid visual impact.

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Popular uses for Step and Repeat or Background Banners:

  • Red Carpet Events - Big and small scale events where pictures can be taken in front of for keepsakes or entertainment.
  • Band Banners - A large step and repeat banner with the band name or logo makes recognition easy and painless for each gig.
  • Sponsorship Banners - Gala events tend to have some sort of step and repeat banner present dictating the sponsors of the event.
  • Event Banners - Another great use for step and repeat or backdrop banners are at special events like Weddings, Birthdays, Family Reunions, etc.
  • Trade Shows/Events - Decorate your trade show booth with a step and repeat banner or backdrop banner easily and quickly.

Custom vinyl and fabric banners for backdrop displays.

Step and repeat banners serve as backdrops for many many occasions on red carpet events, weddings, birthdays, press conferences, charity events, sports conferences, trade-show booths, convention events and much more. These extra large backdrop banners offer a seamless image area and can be set up within minutes by being hung independently or installed onto a banner stand system. Step and repeat banners can be printed on vinyl or fabric depending on your banner and budget needs.

Step and repeat banners are a definite asset for sponsored events because of the backdrop they provide for picture taking and photo opportunities. And since step repeat banners are usually large in size they can be used as backdrops for bands, special events and much, much more.




Step and Repeat Backdrop Banner specs and details:

  • Over-sized printing for extra large step and repeat backdrop banners or smaller sizes for more individual photos.
  • Can be used as a freestanding banner or made to fit adjustable banner display stands.
  • Use for corporate events, special occasions, photo opportunities with step and repeat logos/text or large digital images.
  • Supply your original artwork or request a custom design based on your logos or needs.
  • Fabric banners are great for custom indoor use while vinyl banners can be used indoors or outdoors.
  • Matte banner material available to reduce glare when used as a photo background.

Step and repeat banners get their name from the specific pattern configuration of the same logo or alternating logos that are usually repeated over and over in a diagonal, stacked or stepped pattern evenly throughout the surface area of the step and repeat banner.

The term "step" refers to the pattern and "repeat" correlates with the logos and images imprinted onto the step and repeat backdrop banner.

Step and repeat banners can also have single images that cover the entire banner area and serve as a very colorful backdrop banner for photo opportunities or decoration. Sleek and professional looking, step and repeat banners, will compliment any event that requires a backdrop banner.

Most step and repeat banners tend to be about 8 feet in height by eight or ten feet in length and can be hung in a freestanding manner or constructed to fit on an over-sized adjustable banner stand. Step and repeat banners can be printed on either fabric or vinyl utilizing customer's print-ready artwork or with a custom design created by our talented step and repeat banner staff!





What makes a step and repeat banner different from other banners?

Pretty much it's the artwork. Almost all step and repeat banners have a combination of logos or a single logo repeated over and over again to be used as a backdrop at events, functions, gala events, special occasions, etc.

Can I order a step and repeat banner that only has one large image for a backdrop banner?

Absolutely! Step and repeat banners and backdrop banners are essentially the same, except for the artwork, and are technically considered over-sized banners depending on your banner size needs. So whether you need one digital image scene or a step and repeat set up...we've got you covered.

What is a typical step and repeat backdrop banner size?

This style of banner printing comes in all sorts of different sizes but predominantly step and repeat backdrop banners tend to be around 8 feet by 10 feet or somewhere close to that range. For extra large backdrop banners we can print upto 16 feet in height without having to seam the banner together for a clean and fluid look.

How do I hang a step and repeat banner?

Since these banners tend to be large and need to be displayed in a taught manner you can either purchase a display stand, which allows for portability and accessibility, to be displayed just about anywhere. Or hanging is always another option if you have a wall, or other area, where the step and repeat banner can be hung from utilizing the grommets that typically are arranged all around the banner at 24" to 30" intervals.

What if I don't have print-ready step and repeat artwork?

Supplying us with print-ready artwork is the cheapest and easiest method of producing a step and repeat backdrop banner, but in the case that you aren't a graphic artist or don't have one available to you, we are happy to help. If you have logos to supply our talented team of designers can help produce a file to print your banner from; and if you don't have any logos, we can still see if we can locate artwork of an equivalent nature to utilize for your step and repeat backdrop banner design.

What type of material is best for the step and repeat print?

Since step and repeat banners are mainly used as a backdrop of some sort we recommend using a matte vinyl material or a fabric material as they will give off less glare underneath heavy lighting or from camera flashes.

Ordering a step & repeat banner made easy...

1) Assess your exact step and repeat banner needs.

Choose a banner size based on the area you need covered. Also you'll need to either have your own print-ready artwork that is already to go straight to print or supply us with the necessary logos for our graphic designers to set up a file for you. You'll also need to figure out how you'll be hanging the banner especially if you'll need an adjustable backdrop banner display stand.

2) Get pricing based on your banner specifications.

You can contact a sales representative via phone during our operating hours of Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. PST. or a quotation request or head online and fill out a short questionnaire for a Step and Repeat Banner Quote from our website. Phone quotes can usually be priced instantly whereas emailed quotes usually garner a price quote roughly about 24 hours of request receipt.

3) Place an order.

When you have your price and have decided to utilize our banner printing services you can place an order with your sales representative right away. and send the necessary print-ready file or logo files for our designs to begin the visual approval process. It's just that easy!

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