White Ink DecalsAdhesive decals printed with white ink.

white on clear decalWhite Ink Decals, Stickers and Labels

White ink decals on clear vinyl.

White ink decals are one of the most noticeable advertising formats you can use when it comes to window graphics or on surfaces that are dark in nature. White ink decals are typically printed on clear material that has no color allowing the white ink to create a stark and bold image against windows and dark materials where other colors will get lost and become practically unreadable.

White ink decals, labels and stickers are widely used on vehicles, business windows, on dark substrates and on various forms of packaging. But white ink decals are considered a specialty print because of the level of difficulty that can be associated with white ink printing.

However some print shops (like us) do specialize in white ink decal prints that can be printed on adhesive clear vinyl through a process that involves thermal resin cartridges. These cartridges actually infuse the white color onto the clear adhesive vinyl creating a very vibrant and opaque white ink print that will last for years without fading.

Finding a printer that can print white ink decals can be somewhat of a hassle these days since most of the print industry is digital print based. Digital printers run on a CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black) based color system that doesn't include white as a color, as white is actually considered a lack of color. So when you see a printed decal that has white on it, typically it's because it was printed on white material, which is actually creating the white ink printed area.

But for decals that require a transparent clear background, or a colored background, white ink printing with the digital print process becomes literally impossible. And that is where finding a printer that can actually print white ink decals gets difficult, since digital printers don't recognize white as a color, your white ink decal would actually be one clear piece of adhesive vinyl, or a colored background with no image at all.

So if you are in the market for white ink decals OCSigns.com can help with your endeavors to purchase a quality white ink printed decal. Our white ink decal prints can be printed on clear vinyl or in addition to other spot colors and allow for versatility with custom cutting options for a cut-to shape look or a cloud cut that frames the outside edges of the decal. We specialize in all types of white ink decal runs from small to medium to large. And our white ink decal printing prices are competitive yet affordable to fit any budget.

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