Static ClingsNon-adhesive window decals.

Ready to Cook Static ClingSTATIC WINDOW CLINGS

Removable non-adhesive vinyl static window cling decals

  • Reusable - Positionable and removable decals utilizing static electricity instead of adhesive.
  • Full color - Any color print on white or clear static cling material.
  • Any size - Large or small window problem!
  • Indoor/Outdoor - Choose an inside or outside application orientation.
  • No minimums - Print one static cling or thousands. No minimum required!

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Great uses for Static Cling Decals!

  • Vehicles - Great for maintenance reminders or parking permits, etc.
  • Holiday - Make your own personal reusable holiday window decorations.
  • Businesses - Display company information without permanent application.
  • Retail- Point of Purchase; Annual Sales; Window Decorations, etc.
  • Promotional - Perfect for passing out to clients and customers.
  • Recreational - Make custom static clings with messages or your own designs to resell to the general public or online.
  • Restaurant - Display food specials or happy hours with the ability to remove and reuse when necessary.

Temporary advertising at it's finest. Static Cling decals are used in many industries in various ways. Static Cling decals are the perfect fit for temporary, seasonal or short-term advertising, promotions and sales, etc. Since static window clings do not have one ounce of adhesive, because they utilize static electricity to adhere to a surface, they can be easily applied, removed, repositioned and reused (if maintained properly.)

Static cling decals are also referenced as: static stickers, window clings, window decals and just plain clings. Static cling decals work best on smooth glass surfaces that generate static electricity and can be applied on the inside or outside of the window. We produce both opaque (white) and translucent (clear) static cling decals by printing direct to the material digitally as well as with spot colors. Please keep in mind that static cling decals placed on the "outside" of vehicle windows may pose a problem, because of their non-adhesive nature,  they can easily blow off or be destroyed by extreme weather conditions.

Static cling decals can be made to just about any size, and since we don't have any minimums, you can order just 1 or as many as you need. When ordering static cling decals you have the option of uploading your own custom artwork, or if you need a bit of assistance, our talented design team. Together we can complete and fulfill your static cling decal needs quickly and at a great price!

For more information on our static cling decals, give our print specialists a call at 1-866-267-4467, to answer any of your questions or help you place an order.

Reusable non-adhesive static cling decals

  • Ultra high resolution digital printing or spot ink color printing
  • 7 mil vinyl static cling film in white or clear
  • No sticky residue...applies without adhesive using static electricity
  • Back static or front static options for indoor or outdoor application
  • Contour cutting options available
  • Printable area up to 52" in height

For a non-adhesive window decal product we proudly offer static cling decals that use static electricity to adhere to glass surfaces. Our static cling material comes in white or clear with front facing and back facing "cling" options. Our static cling decal material allows for either full color digital printing or thermal spot color printing and can be contour cut to produce a custom shape. When properly maintained static cling decals can be removed and reused multiple times by returning them to their liners while not in use. Keep in mind that to reuse static cling decals you must keep them free of debris and dust as well as the glass surface that they are placed upon.


What surfaces will static cling decals adhere too?

Static cling decals are manufactured from a vinyl material that employs static electricity as it's adhesive quality. Since static cling decals are non-adhesive they are best suited for application on glass surfaces and some smooth metal surfaces.

What is the best way to apply static cling decals? Inside or outside?

Most static cling decals are applied to the outside of glass and metal surfaces without instance .However, when vandalism and theft might be an issue, your static cling decal might be better suited for an inside application. Please be advised that an outside applications for static cling decals on vehicle windows is not advised. Static cling decals are non-adhesive and may have difficulty staying on a moving vehicle. Also, when applying static cling decals on the "inside" of a window, you need to take into account the tint on the window. Most windows are slightly tinted (sometimes extremely tinted) and the tint can hamper the readability of your static cling decal depending on the degree of tint of the window.

What is the difference between opaque (white) and translucent (clear) material?

Both our white and clear material are the same as far as thickness, durability and longevity are concerned. Where they differ is in their coloring. White (opaque) static cling decals allow more visibility because of the solid nature of the background color causing the printed colors to "pop", making the decal easier to read. Clear (translucent) vinyl has no background color giving it a "see-through" appearance which allows for a cleaner look if you do not want a solid background.

What is the best way to store a static cling decal to reuse it?

Static cling decals have a special backing liner that needs to be kept for storage. When you receive your static cling decal(s), first and foremost, DO NOT THROW AWAY THE RELEASE LINER BACKING! Secondly, the backing needs to be kept free of debris as well as the static cling decal itself. To store your static cling decal, simply place it back on the original release liner and put it away until you need it again. When properly stored, maintained and cleaned...static cling decals can last for years.

Can static window clings have a custom shape?

Yes, but that depends on the complexity of the design. Most all static cling decals are square, rectangular, circular or oval shaped and look great without a special cut. Since static cling decals use static electricity to adhere to the surface, the more area they cover the better the adhesion. When working with custom cut static cling decals we will need to be able to view the artwork before quoting a price, to determine if the custom cut is possible and if a custom cut fee will need to be assessed.

Are static cling decals weatherproof?

Under normal to moderate weather conditions your static cling decal should withstand sun, wind and rain for at least 1 - 2 years of constant outdoor use. Since this type of decal is non-adhesive, if you live in an area with severe or inclement weather, you may want to consider a more permanent adhesive decal(s) or possibly an inside application when ordering static cling decals.

Ordering static cling decals is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3!

1. Get a price: Static cling decals are a specialty product and are specifically quoted via phone. You can, however, request a static cling quotation online by uploading your artwork and giving a brief description of your static cling decal needs.

2. Place your order: Once you have received pricing and would like to move forward with an order, our friendly sales staff will acquire the adequate ordering information we will need to process your custom static cling decal order.

3. Upload your artwork: If you have not already provided your artwork, you will need to supply us with a print-ready file or have our talented graphic designers help you create your own custom art file. Either option will lead to Quick Signs providing you with a visual proof for your approval before print production.

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