Vinyl Lettered BannersLettering Only. No Graphics.

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An inexpensive banner for plain text without graphics.

  • No Graphics - Lettering only option for simple and to the point banners without graphics.
  • Reusable - Cut vinyl letters can be removed from the banner and replaced with different cut vinyl text like dates, times, locations, etc.
  • Durable Vinyl - Made for outdoor use as well as indoor. Available in many standard colors like Black, Red, Blue, Yellow and White.
  • Install Ready - Stitched hems with brass grommets every 24" to 30" all around for easy installation and durability.

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What can vinyl lettered banner signs be used for?

Vinyl lettered banners signs are comprised of "text only" (no graphics) and can be used for most, if not all, of your banner needs. Our banners are made from high quality, durable, long lasting, 10oz. or 13 oz. vinyl banner material. Many of our customers purchase vinyl lettered banner signs for the following uses:

  • Sporting Events - Tournament and Sponsorship banners. These vinyl lettered banner signs are ideal when wanting to sponsor a sporting event or for using as an advertising or promotional tool.
  • Team Sports vinyl banners - Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, etc. Need to cheer for a team? Vinyl lettered banners are commonly used for displaying the team name and/or the team players. Vinyl banners are rugged, weather proof and great for outdoor sporting events.
  • Retail Advertising - Announce sales and promotions within your store. Need to advertise? Vinyl banners are great for advertising a new product, announcing an upcoming event, or displaying promotional advertising to a prospective customer.
  • Trade Shows - Custom vinyl lettered banners are commonly used for trade show events. These vinyl banners can be rolled and packaged for easy shipping and display setup. Our eye-catching vinyl banners are great for informing your customer of who your are and what products and services you provide.
  • Informational Banners - Now Hiring; Under New Ownership; For Sale; Happy Hour, etc. Customize your own vinyl lettered banner by adding text and any other information you wish to include.
  • Directional Banners - Simple text and shapes to hang for use in giving directions.
  • Community Events - Fair, Carnival, or Community Programs. Vinyl Lettered Banner signs for big events require big advertising. Large outdoor vinyl banners can be made at virtually any size. Let people know what, who, when, and where and they'll show up. Promoting your event using large vinyl banners offers more "bang for the buck" than almost any other form of advertising.
  • Church Banners - Worship Services; Sunday School Hours; Church functions; School and church events. There is always something new going on at churches and at schools. Vinyl lettered banners are the ideal sign for announcing upcoming events for churches, schools or other social activities.

Simple inexpensive advertising. Vinyl lettered banners get right to the heart of your needs by conveying exactly what you want to say, sell or promote. Vinyl lettered banners are a good alternative to full color digital prints when you need simple signage, but do not have or need, full color graphics to supply a sign company. Most all vinyl lettered banners contain a few lines of text with the information they need to express, although some do add simple shapes (i.e. crosses, silhouettes, circles, etc.) to add a little more depth to the overall look of the banner and garner attention. And though vinyl lettered banners do not look as fancy as full color digitally printed banners, they still have a high impact with their words.

Another great feature of vinyl lettered banners is that they are weather resistant and durable. They are made for outdoor use (although they work just as good indoors) and can be hung from just about anywhere because all our vinyl lettered banners come equipped with grommets placed approximately every 24" to 30" around the entire banner no matter the size. So when you need dependable vinyl banners that get straight to the point, and can be made quickly, easily and at a very low cost...think vinyl lettered banners.

Another wonderful aspect of lettered vinyl banners is that fact that the actual text is cut out of vinyl and adhered to the banner, making the text removable, to be able to change dates, locations, times etc. This feature allows lettered banners to be used for over and over again for annual events, which is a great advantage over digital prints, that have to be reprinted to accommodate any changing dates, locations or times.

We have a very talented design team that can take your text and bring it to life, or you can supply us with a text only file for us to create your lettered banner with. If you have any questions about lettered banners, please feel free to give us a call during operating hours at 866-267-4467, we'd be glad to answer any of your questions or help you place an order.


Vinyl Lettered Banner Product Details...

  • Printed on 10 oz. or 13 oz. vinyl banner material in a variety of colors.
  • Weather proof for a 3 - 5 year outdoor life span.
  • Indoor life span is 7 - 10 years plus.
  • Hemmed all the way around for added durability.
  • Grommets placed approximately every 24" to 30" for easy hanging.
  • Single-sided or double-sided.
  • Any size available from more common standard sizes to custom sizes.
  • Give us a call at (866) 267-4467, for personalized help with design and ordering.

When in need of a cheap and quick plain text banner, is fully equipped to quickly create a lettered text banner to suit your needs. These particular vinyl banners are great for when you have a simple message to convey or maybe just want to identify your particular business or service without all the added graphics. Vinyl lettered banners are printed onto a 10 oz. and 13 oz. vinyl banner materials, that are durable for outdoor and indoor use alike, for temporary or permanent signage. Our vinyl lettered banners come equipped with stitched hems and grommets placed approximately every 24" to 30" all around the banner for proper installation. If, however, you decide that you would like a little more oomph for your advertising or display dollars, please look into our full color digital printed banners, or give one of our design specialists a call today at (866) 267-4467.


Do you offer additional sizes other than those listed on the Design Center?

Yes, we sure do. We can create a custom vinyl lettered banner for you in just about any size!

Do I have the option of placing the order over the phone?

Yes. You can call us toll-free Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. PST at 1-866-267-4467.

I need a little help designing my banner, do you offer any design services?

Yes, we have several knowledgeable and talented designers at your disposal should you need some help creating an effective layout for your banner content. However, there may be additional fees, depending on the amount of verbiage or complexity of your design. Contact our customer service team to receive an accurate quote before purchasing.

Can I customize my vinyl lettered banner with simple graphics?

Yes. Although vinyl lettered banners mostly consist of just type, you do have the option to add a simple shape, silhouette or clip-art graphic when designing your banner online or call in your banner order. If you are designing online you will need to first add your text and then click on the "Add Graphics" button which will then open up a menu of pre-designed vector images to place onto your lettered banner. If you call in your order, please speak with your design representative about adding a graphic and they will be happy to assist and guide you with a clip-art graphic image choice.

How do I track my order?

Once your order ships you will receive an email containing your tracking numbers whether you order your vinyl lettered banner through our automated Design On-Line Center or over the phone with one of our representatives.

Got Questions?

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