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vinyl marquee lettersDecorate your walls, windows and more with custom lettering.

From do-it-yourself lettering to dimensional lettered signs....custom lettering gives you freedom to decorate.

What type of custom lettering suits your needs?

  • Vehicle Lettering - Cut vinyl lettering for vehicle identification, advertising and more.
  • U-Apply Lettering - Pre-spaced letters and numbers for all sorts of do-it-yourself lettering projects.
  • Window Lettering - Vinyl lettering for indoor and outdoor glass window applications.
  • Wall Lettering -  Great for indoor vinyl lettering projects on smooth wall surfaces.
  • Dimensional 3-D Lettering - Metal, Plastic and Foam exterior/interior raised lettering.

Easy to apply, computer cut, self-stick vinyl lettering...

Vinyl lettering falls under many different names...but whether you call it pre-spaced lettering, self stick letters, computer cut vinyl lettering, sticky letters, die-cut lettering and graphics, or pressure sensitive adhesive letters, it's all the same thing. You tell us what you want and we'll cut it out of vinyl...pre-spaced and ready for you to apply!

Do-It-Yourself vinyl lettering is the answer to your lettering needs that is very economical budget-wise. Vinyl lettering is ideal for boats, cars, trucks, windows, walls or any other type of lettering project. Vinyl lettering is easy to apply and affordable which saves you money because you can easily apply the vinyl lettering on your own time and  without having to hire an expensive installer.

Cut vinyl lettering is a great way to personalize lots of different custom projects.

Self-sticking adhesive cut vinyl lettering can be used on a multitude of different substrates making it possible to decorate just about anything without having to utilize paint, permanent markers or pen and paper which will look clean and professional. Cut vinyl do-it-yourself lettering is pre-spaced and ready for instant application, which makes it easy to install and fairly inexpensive to purchase, making do-it-yourself cut vinyl lettering very popular for window lettering, wall lettering and vehicle lettering projects. With a few simple tools (like our Vinyl Application Kit) and a quick lesson in proper installation (see our "How to Apply Vinyl" video) anybody can install cut vinyl lettering in minutes and without having to pay the cost for installation.

About custom lettering and our custom lettering services...

Embarking on a lettering journey, whether small or large, can be a great adventure in creativity or simply an inexpensive option to cover the ways and means of a custom lettering project. Just about any blank canvas from cars to windows to office walls to ipad covers to glass partitions can be transformed through customer lettering easily and economically. Custom lettering can be simple or complex, but ultimately is a viable option for businesses and consumers alike, that covers a wide spectrum of interior and exterior decorative and informational purposes; as well as, identification needs and so much more.

So whether your boat needs a cut vinyl registration number; or your vehicle needs cut vinyl mobile advertising information; or your office lobby needs the help and beautification that dimensional lettered signs bring...OC Signs is here to help. We are happy to assist customers from all over the states, as well as our local customers, achieve their desired custom lettering needs economically, quickly and with the added bonus of personalized customer service. OC Signs will answer all your custom lettering questions; give professional suggestions that can save you money or help you enhance the visual impact of your custom lettering; and personally walk you through the whole custom letter ordering process from beginning to end.

Some popular cut vinyl lettering projects are...

  • Business name and hours on store windows
  • DOT numbers on tractor-trailers and other state-regulated vehicles
  • Registration numbers for boats or cut vinyl for boat names
  • Interior wall beautification with inspirational messages
  • Etched glass vinyl for office and home applications
  • Numbering of fleet vehicles, hard hats, equipment, etc.
  • Mobile advertising for all vehicle types (car, truck, boat, etc.)

Need a printed decal instead of vinyl lettering? No problem...we produce all sorts of decals as well!

Dimensional lettering gives your interior and exterior walls character and depth!

When you want to literally raise the bar of your lettering there is another form of lettering, that is often seen in building lobbies or outside office buildings, is dimensional lettering. This style of lettering is unique in that the lettering is fashioned to be three-dimensional to actually have the appearance that it is popping off the walls. Dimensional lettering comes in the form of metal letters, plastic letters and foam letters. Each type of 3-D lettering comes in varying depths (some as deep as 3" thick) with a multitude of color, font and style options. Dimensional lettering is a great branding tool that doesn't fall flat when it comes to looks and can fit into any budget.

Some popular examples of dimensional lettering are...

  • Exterior building identification numbers
  • Personalized company logos or letters in lobby areas
  • Exterior lettering for monument signage for company identification
  • As sign letters to install upon metal, acrylic or wood substrates for custom made wall signs

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