Pole BannersSleeved banners for pole display systems.


Pole Banners: Vinyl banners for pole systems.

Custom sleeved pole banners for vertical advertising.

  • Custom Fit - Made to fit existing fixed pole systems or adjustable pole kits.
  • No Minimums - Need one or two pole banners...or lots more? No problem!
  • Finishing Options - Pole banner sleeve positions range from just a single sleeve to sleeves on all four sides depending on your pole display system.
  • Single or Double Sided - Two print processes to suit your pole banner needs.

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Popular uses and locations for Pole Banners:

  • Parking Lots - From small town grocery stores to large sports arenas to museums and much more.
  • Boulevard Banners - Perfect way to advertising local community events and happenings or to just beautify the city streets.
  • Dealerships - Promote sales and brand your car dealership with vibrant pole banners around the car lot.
  • Identification - Pole banners can be display on wall mounted pole systems to identify your building, business, organization, etc.
  • Seasonal - Pole banners can also be used as a decorational option during the holidays or for yearly events.
  • Trade Shows/Events - Pole banners can beautify events, trade shows and conventions with information or identifcation

Pole banners are seen practically everywhere whether indoors or outdoors that allow for double the coverage with both sides of the banner having advertising, marketing or promotional information displayed to passing foot traffic or motorized traffic.

Pole banners go by a few different names: sleeved banners, light pole banners and street pole banners. And while this style of banner may be identified by a different name throughout the industry, one fact remains the same, and that is how they are displayed.

Pole Banner specs and details:

  • Can be made to any size to fit existing pole systems; pvc displays; hanging dowels, etc.
  • Double-side or single-side printing available depending on your banner needs
  • 13 oz. material or 20 oz. vinyl banner material choices
  • All pole sleeves are stitched for extra durability with optional grommet placement available
  • Need a pole system to display the banner? No problem...we offer complete pole packages as well

Pole banners are specifically designed to have sleeves (sometimes called pole pockets) built into the pole banner. "Pole sleeves" are created by adding extra material to the top and bottom of the banner creating a "pole pocket" thus allowing the pole banner to easily slide onto a pole system to be seen in either direction (front and back).

Custom made pole banners can be fashioned to any size to effectively fit on any pre-existing pole system. Pole banners are great for lots of different advertising markets including fairs, farmer's markets, parking lots, concerts, promotions and much much more. And since pole banners can have opposing information on either side of the banner, your messages to either foot or motor traffic, can easily greet and bid farewell with different messages thus increasing awareness and doubling your coverage all in the price of one banner. Pole banners are great alternatives to over-the-street banners, which can be extremely expensive, because of their size and hanging requirements. And for those who don't have a pole system...no problem, we sell pole systems to display our pole banners on that are affordable and easy to install.


Do pole banners come in specific sizes?

No. Each pole banner is unique because it will need to fit on an existing pole systems or purchased pole kits, hanging dowel, PVC frame, etc. which translates into all sorts of different banner sizes and pole sleeve dimensions.

How do I figure out the size of my pole banner?

Accuracy is very important for pole banner measurements as some pole banners will be placed on non-adjustable pole systems. But to determine the height of the pole banner you will measure from the complete area beginning from the top of the top pole to the exact bottom of the bottom pole (do not measure in between the poles.)

What is a pole sleeve and how do I determine the sleeve size for my pole banner?

The pole sleeve is the extra material at the top and bottom of the banner (sometimes even the sides) that is folded over to create a pocket to slide over poles, dowels, pvc displays, etc. To determine the proper pole sleeve size you'll need to find out the diameter of the pole itself and let your sign company know that dimension. Again, proper measurements are very critical for pole banners, especially if the pole system is fixed and can't be adjusted. (Please note: For pole systems that have a ball at the end to keep the banner from slipping off pleasure use the actual ball size for the sleeve to assure that the banner will slide onto your poles properly.)

Can pole banners be double-sided with opposing images?

Absolutely! Pole banners are built specifically to display visual images to those coming and going so you can have the same image on either side, or contrasting images to convey different information, depending on your projected display needs.

How do you keep opposing double-sided mages from being seen on the other side of the banner.

We have to distinct print methods for our pole banners to eliminate any bleed-through of images. One process is to print two separate 13 oz. vinyl banners and stitch them together with a special block-out material in between. The other approach utilizes a thicker 20 oz. vinyl banner material, that is print receptive on both sides, without the need for any block-out material.

I've seen pole banners with wind slits...are they necessary?

In most all cases, wind slits aren't necessary with any banner, if they are properly installed and aren't in a region with gale force winds. Wind slits can compromise the banner material and lead to fraying or ripping of the banner material. Our pole banners (without wind slits) are made from durable material and should be able to withstand most normal wind conditions, but if your pole banner(s) will be in a particular windy area, please bring that to the attention of your sales representative to discuss options that will help wind-proof your banner.

Ordering a pole banner made easy...

1) Get your measurements straight.

You'll need to know the available area from the very top to the very bottom of the poles (not the space inside the poles) to determine the pole banner height. You'll also need to know the length of the pole to determine the width. And finally you'll need to know the diameter of the poles, to determine the proper pole sleeve size, which will give your sign company the information they need to determine a sleeve size that works for your banner. 

2) Get a price.

Once you have all your measurements in order just give us a call at (866) 267-4467 (Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. PST). One of our sales team will take your information and get you pricing based on your pole banner measurement and quantity needs. You may also request a Pole Banner Quote online by filling out and submitting a quick questionnaire to help us determine your pole banner needs. If you need banner design help, please consult with your sales representative during the pricing process.

3) Place an order.

Once you have obtained an accurate price quote, based on your pole banner needs, you can then simply place your order via phone with your sales representative. Most pole banner orders take 5 to 7 business days to complete (plus ship time) from time of customer approval of customer supplied artwork or OCSigns.com custom designs.

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