Double-sided BannersBanners with front and back images.

double-sided-pole-bannersDouble-sided Banners: Two banners in one!

Banners with front and back graphics.

Most all standard banners are single-sided with only one side of the banner having any information or graphics. But with double-sided banners you have images on both sides of the banner that can be seen in both directions. 

Double-sided banners can have both sides displaying the same information or have contrasting information on either side which is great for venues that want to convey a different message to their target audience both coming and going like you'll see at entrances to big events like fairs, trade shows, conventions and the like.

Double-sided banners are achieve by essentially printing two separate banners, whether identical or with contrasting information, and then sewing them together with block-out material in between the prints to assure that the image from the other side doesn't bleed through and obscure the view from either side of the double-sided banner. Most double-sided banners are digitally printed and commonly seen in the form of over-the-street banners and pole banners, but are used for any occasion that requires double-sided coverage.

Another form of a double-sided banner is the vinyl lettered banner. Vinyl lettered banners are a great purchase when your double-sided banner needs to be used annually and have dates, times or locations changed. Simple lines and text are cut out of colored vinyl and applied to blank banners allowing for the adhesive letters originally applied to the banner to be pulled off and replaced with new cut vinyl information year after year.

Flag-like wind banners can also be ordered to be double-sided. These fabric banners are great for indoor and outdoor use. Double-sided wind banners are displayed on a pole system that slides into a base or stake that lets the wind banner rotate a full 360 degrees with the wind.

Whatever your double-sided banner needs are, we can help you order and purchase, a top quality banner sign that will meet your needs quickly and affordably!

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