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PVC counter displayPVC Signs: Rigid and Durable

Custom PVC plastic signs!

Light weight - Affordable - Sturdy

PVC plastic signs combine versatility, strength and affordability for a variety of different uses. PVC plastic signs can be used indoors for long term signage. PVC plastic signs can be used outdoors as well, but for shorter periods of time, as prolonged exposure to the sun and other elements may warp the material over time.

Our PVC sign material is fabricated from stringent plastic compounds allowing the signs to be light weight yet durable and solid. Since PVC signs are stiff in nature and are geared towards long-term use they are the perfect rigid substrate choice over corrugated plastic (short term, light use) and aluminum (heavy-duty, outdoor) signs. Some popular uses for PVC signs include architectural signage, POP display signs, real estate signage, sidewalk sign inserts, various office signage, tradeshow signage, etc.

PVC signs can accommodate digital decal prints adhered to the surface or cut vinyl lettering. PVC signs come in a variety of thicknesses as well to make your sign thin or thick depending on your signage needs. Thinner PVC signs (1 mil and 2 mil thick), although rigid, are more flexible than say a thicker 3 mil or 6 mil PVC sign. PVC sign material can be contour cut to create custom patterns or into simple shapes like triangles, ovals, circles, arrows, diamonds, etc.

Since PVC signs are light weight so they can be displayed by utilizing double-sided tape, suction cups, drilled holes for hanging or handles and bent at the base for table-top displays (like the desk sign above). With proper care, maintenance and storage PVC signs will last almost indefinitely for most all indoor usage. If you are using PVC signs outdoors it's best limit their exposure to the elements and maybe upgrade to an aluminum sign for constant outdoor use.

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