Blank Magnetic SignsGreat for covering up permanent graphics.

magnetic rollsBlank Magnetic Signs

Perfect for vehicle decal cover-ups to hide permanent vehicle graphics.

Blank magnetic or color coated magnetic signs.

Blank magnetic signs are a perfect solution for covering up permanent vehicle graphics on all vehicle body styles and types. Blank magnetic signs can be cut to specific sizes to effectively cover up vehicle decals, logos and lettering when utilizing advertising is unwanted or forbidden.

Many customers who are currently using their vehicle for mobile advertising with permanent vehicle graphics call us all the time asking for alternatives to help them hide or cover-up their existing graphics for HOA (Home Owners Association) rules and regulations purposes; city parking ordinance issues; or simply to put the advertising portion of the vehicle out of circulation for an evening or two. Our solution is to offer blank magnetic signs that are removable, thus allowing the vehicle to retain it's graphics, while appeasing any instances that require a cover-up.

Blank magnetic sign material can be cut to any size or shape needed to cover existing vehicle signage. This means that you can completely customize your blank magnetic sign cover-ups to your vehicle without having to order a full roll (which is usually 50 yards of material) from a magnetic sign material supplier). Blank magnetic signs can also be a cheaper way to make your own custom magnetic signs, by purchasing the pre-cut pieces of blank magnetic sign material, and applying your own vinyl lettering, stickers or decals thus avoid having to purchase a pair of digitally printed magnetic signs.

Blank magnetic material comes standard with a white face. But for those customers who want to better match the color of their vehicles, we can add a coat of colored vinyl, for just a few dollars! To see what color options are available, to give your blank magnetic signs a solid color, see our Vinyl Color Choice Chart.

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