Over-The-Street BannersRe-inforced for over the road displays.

Over-the-street banner

Over-The-Street Banners

Extra large over-the-road banner prints.

  • Extra large printing - Durable single-sided or double-sided banner printing.
  • Digital or Cut Vinyl - Digital banner prints for full color printing or cut vinyl lettered banners for text only.
  • Special Hardware - Re-inforced corners and webbing; sewn in rope; snap-hooks; heavy duty banner material, etc. Our over-the-street banners can be built to your cities specifications and requirements.

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Popular uses for Over-the-Street Banners:

  • Community Events - Upcoming or annual event advertising for your city or town like fairs, community happenings, and much more.
  • Welcome Banners - Extra-large over-the-street banners can be used to greet guests coming and going alike.
  • Information Banners - A large banner that identifies your company at trade-shows, exhibitions, conventions and more.
  • Automotive Banners - Go big and identify sales, promotions or just your company name for easy visibility.
  • Trade Shows/Events - Nice, large banners get attention and help with directions, inform, identification or decoration at big events.

Over-the-street road banners are a specialty banner made to be installed over a road or between two free-standing objects that it can be tied off too. These extra large banners usually require a heavier vinyl material with specific finishing and hardware options that standard banners can't accommodate.

Over-the-street banners, or road banners, are great tools for advertising community events , parades, election campaigns, marathons, fairs, festivals, concerts and the like. But to be able to hang them over the road they must meet specific requirements to make them safe and extra weather and force resistant.



Over-the-Street Banner specs and details:

  • Special finishing options to comply with strict city safety requirements for over-the-road installations.
  • Convenient text only option or text with graphics that allows for dates and information to change for annual use.
  • Extra-large printing capabilities to create small or over-sized road banners.
  • Different vinyl banner material thicknesses to choose from depending on your banner needs.
  • Made for extended outdoor use and can also be rolled up and stored for future use.

Most over-the-street banners need to have reinforced corners, webbing, or rope sewn into the hem. Some over-the-street banners may require snap hooks or sewn in D-rings to attach to an existing cable system. Occasionally they require all of the above, it just depends on your particular city's over-the-street banner requirements. When pricing over-the-street banners we highly suggest you check with your respective city to find out the exact requirements necessary for the banner to be approved for this type of installation.

Over-the-street banners can be digitally printed or ordered as a "lettering only" banner with text that is cut out of vinyl and applied to the vinyl banner surface. Lettering only banners are great for annual event advertising, as you can remove and replace the cut vinyl text repeatedly, without having to purchase a new over-the-street banner from year to year (which can get very expensive!) These banners are normally double-sided (with identical or opposing information on either side) but can be ordered single-sided as well.

Whatever your over-the-street road banner needs are, we can help you order and purchase, a top quality sign that will meet your needs and conform to your cities regulations!




Why do I need to check with my city before purchasing an over-the-street banner?

Since over-the-street banners will be spanning across two free-standing objects over a road many cities have very specific requirements to meet safety regulations and insure the banner is built properly and installed properly. Giving your local city government a call and inquiring as to your cities specific over-the-street banner requirements is always safer than assuming, because if the banner doesn't meet the regulations, you may not be able to hang it or have to spend more money on a new banner that meets the requirements.

What are some of the special requirements an over-the-street banner might need to meet?

Some of the more specific requirements that can make up the production of an over-the-street banner are as follows: special heavy-duty material weights; extra rope sewn into the banner with extra rope extending out 25 ft. or more to tie off the banner; reinforced webbing or corners for banner stability and strength; and snap hooks or D-rings to attach the banner to an existing cable display system. Some cities may also require wind-slits to allow air to pass through the banner more freely as well.

What is a typical over-the-street banner size?

Most over-the-street banners tend to be about 24" to 36" inches in height with lengths varying from 10 feet to 30 feet or larger. It really depends on the amount of text you have that needs to be big and large to be visible to passing motorists and foot traffic and any city requirement restrictions that may be in place for your particular city.

My over-the-street banner will need date changes every year for annual use. Is that possible?

Yes it is! Over-the-street banners can be produced one of two ways that allow for date, location or information changes for banners that are used annually. If you have digital graphics order your banner to be digitally printed for the graphics portion with cut vinyl lettering added to the banner for any information that may change; or you can do a completely text only banner which utilizes different colors of vinyl lettering applied to a white (or colored) banner.

Are all street banners be double-sided?

Typically over-the-street banners are double-sided so that they can be seen in either direction. Some have the same information on the front and back of the banner, while others have contain two different images, conveying different messages to those coming and going. Single-sided over-the-street banners are not unheard of though, especially when ordering a mesh banner, for over the street use.

Are over-the-street banners weather proof?

Absolutely! These durable banners are made to withstand typical weather conditions like rain, moderate winds, heat, snow, etc. Over-the-street banners are meant to last through 3 to 5 years of continual outdoor use and can be used indoors indefinitely.

Ordering a mesh banner made easy...

1) Check with your city before ordering.

Most cities will have specific guide lines when it comes to over-the-street banner signage. Some cities are a bit more lenient with other cities having very strict requirements to meet safety specifications since this style of banner will be hanging over a road. It is always best to give your local town government a call before obtaining pricing cause if you purchase an over-the-street banner that doesn't meet the requirements, you may be stuck with a banner that can't be hung.

2) Get some pricing.

Since over-the-street banners are a specialty banner with different hardware and finishing options you'll have to submit a Over-The-Street Banner Quote online, or give us a call during our operating hours of Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. PST.

3) Place an order.

Once you have received a verbal or online price quote you can then proceed to the ordering process by contacting your sales representative and supplying all your billing and shipping information. Over-the-street banners can take up to 7 business days to complete, depending on banner requirements, and can be shipped to all of the U.S. states via UPS.

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