Metal LettersAluminum, Brass, Copper, Bronze, Stainless Steel

Metal outdoor wall letteringMetal wall letters: 3-D Architectural Metal Letters & logos

Brass, Bronze, Aluminum, Steel and Copper letters and numbers.

Through the years metal lettering has been and still is at the forefront of the pack when choosing to adorn your storefront, office, boardroom, etc. with premium architectural 3-D lettering. Metal letters provide a clean and sophisticated look that is timeless.

Our heavy duty wall letters are fabricated and derived from 5 distinct base metals to produce a spectacular line of Bronze lettering, Copper lettering, Aluminum lettering, Steel lettering and Brass lettering. These exquisitely rugged metal materials are manufactured with a lifetime warranty and look great on both interior and exterior wall surfaces.

3-D Metal lettering offers many different options that fall within different price ranges, all of which are more affordable than you think, sometimes with better pricing than their rival counterparts of Plastic letters and Foam letters. From flat cut letters to cast metal to fabricated will help you determine what type of metal building lettering will be a perfect fit for your architectural signage project. Take the next step in advancing your interior or exterior visual appearance today, and give us a call, to inquire about your 3-D metal sign varieties and options.

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Bronze wall lettersBronze Metal Lettering & Logos

Bronze has that old world look and appeal that can be polished to look brand new or antiquated to look aged. Bronze lettering is typically well suited for interior applications but is great for outdoor displays especially when coated in a clear lacquer or with a baked clear enamel finish. Our bronze 3-dimensional lettering is lead free and consists of a 90% Copper and 10% metal make-up.

Polished brass wall letteringBrass Metal Lettering & Logos

Brass lettering has a luxuriously rich look that enriches any atmosphere. Brass lettering conveys an air of tradition and stability. The standard vertical grain on this metal makes brass lettering appear to glow when touched by light. Polished brass lettering shines with the brilliance of 100 suns giving this metal a gold sheen. And yet another option for brass lettering is to give it that aged look with oxidization.

Aluminum wall lettersAluminum Metal Lettering & Logos

Aluminum lettering is an industry favorite because of it's lightweight nature and affordability. Aluminum 3-D signage is very versatile by allowing you to utilize the metal's natural brushed tin appearance; add an anodized color; or choose from a sizeable list of standard painted colors. Aluminum metal letters can also be cast allowing the signage to be backlit for night time illumination from behind the lettering.

Steel metal wall letteringSteel Metal Lettering & Logos

Stainless steel lettering is a heavy-duty metal that is used widely in metropolitan areas as well as coastal regions. Stainless steel has distinct properties that help this particular metal to resist corrosion and tarnishing. Steel comes in two different alloy choices (C304 and 316) with brush or polished finishing options.

Copper metal wall lettersCopper Metal Lettering & Logos

Copper lettering has a remarkable fiery brilliance that has a most alluring visual appeal. The beautiful reddish orange hue of copper lettering, when polished, reflects like a mirror and attracts the eye like no other. Copper lettering can have a smooth fluid appearance or be oxidized for a more subdued sheen.

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