Magnetic SignsRemovable mobile advertising for vehicles.

custom hatchback magnetic signTRUCK/SUV MAGNETIC SIGNS

Non-permanent advertising for trucks & SUV's

  • Tailgate Magnetics - Utilize this prime magnetic sign area with custom-made truck and SUV tailgate magnetic signs or hatch back magnetic signs.
  • Truck Doors and Truck Beds - Some standard door sizes offered are 10" x 18";
    11" x 20" and 12" x 24", as well as, custom sizes for extra large truck doors and truck beds.
  • Easy to Use - Light weight, yet very durable, magnetic material that is easy to apply and remove from your truck every day or whenever you want.
  • Your Design or Ours - Send us your artwork for a FREE file check before printing; or have an idea with some problem! We have a creative design team that can help you with a custom magnetic designs.
  • Quality Materials - 100% American made vehicle grade magnetic material sheeting, coupled with high-resolution digital prints that utilize fade-resistant inks for long-lasting sturdy magnetic truck signs. Our truck magnets are automatically laminated for extra durability.

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Custom magnetic signage for your truck or SUV.

  • Truck & SUV Doors - Large-sized print capabilities allow for maximum truck door coverage.
  • Truck Beds - Custom sizes allow for short and long magnetic signs to effectively cover truck bed areas.
  • Tailgate - Make sure your information is on the back of your vehicle for total mobile advertising visibility.
  • Rentals & Leases - Rental trucks need identification that isn't permanent and can be used on various other vehicle types.
  • Cover-ups - Blank magnetic signs can be used at home and on the road to hide permanent signage that can't be displayed while parked or on location.

Custom sized truck magnetic signs for full vehicle coverage. Trucks have a different body style than regular sedan-type cars. Trucks still have ample door space, in fact sometimes a bit larger than most commuter vehicles, but why limit yourself to basic door advertising? All our magnetic signs are custom-made which means you can order all different sizes to place around the metal body of your particular truck make and model. Truck bed magnetics and tailgate magnetic signs are very popular because they allow you to branch out onto the rest of the vehicle and garner business from the sides and back of the vehicle. Purchasing truck bed and tailgate magnetic signs can boost your visibility with additional coverage and bring in new business.

What if you are a renter or leasing a truck, or tractor trailer cab to do business without actually purchasing a vehicle. You might need signage that is versatile and can be transferred from vehicle to vehicle for identification. Truck magnetic signs are a great solution because you will be able to display your identification numbers, company logo or business information without having to install permanent graphics that will have to be taken off when you are done with the truck. Magnetic truck signs can be large or small to fit your needs and not kill your budget.

Some people and businesses run into an issue, when it comes to their permanent graphics on their truck, and need a solution to hide the existing signage without having to remove them completely. This is especially true in certain housing tract communities or when there are job site restrictions that require graphic cover-ups. Since we offer custom sized truck magnetic signs an inexpensive solution would be purchase blank magnetic material (by the foot or cut to size) and place them over the underlying graphics. A very easy solution to a pesky problem.

Truck magnetic signs are rugged, durable and more affordable than permanent truck graphics or vehicle wraps. And with custom size options you can utilize all areas of your truck to get your name, brand, services and information out to prospective clients. Their easy on, easy off nature makes them a convenient vehicle sign option that can be used on a daily basis for years to come.

Why by magnetic truck signs from us? We use 100% American made magnetic material that is vehicle grade with a 30 mil. thickness and an 85 lb. test pull for maximum adherence to your truck or SUV. All our magnet truck signs are digitally printed with fade-resistant inks. We also automatically laminate our magnetic truck signs (which a lot of cheaper companies do not do) to better protect your magnetic sign print against the weather, fading and scratches. So make our magnetic signs your first choice for vehicle identification and signage.

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Magnetic Vehicle Sign Product Details...

  • 100% magnetic surface.
  • Easy to install and remove.
  • Long lasting from 3 - 5 years.
  • Made of durable .030 vehicle magnetic sheeting
  • Fade resistant and weather resistant.
  • 100% American made magnetic sheeting material.
  • Any size available from common standard sizes to custom sizes.

Magnetic signs are ideal for all makes and models of cars, vans and trucks. You can easily apply and remove your magnetic signs at will, allowing you the flexibility to have business advertising on demand, without committing to permanent graphics. Our car magnets are printed onto 100% American made, highly durable car grade magnetic sheeting and are a cost effective way to promote name recognition within your business area and also offer you the convenience of removing your advertising when you want to use your vehicle for recreational purposes. We offer a variety of standard sized magnetic signs and also make custom sized magnetics to fit every vehicle need for cars, trucks and vans. Make our magnetic signs your first choice for vehicle identification.


How do I purchase different sized truck magnetic signs on your site?

Truck door magnetic signs are easy enough to order, just plug in the amount of door signs and a size that best fits your particular truck door, and add them to your cart. From the shopping cart you can then "Continue Shopping" too add different sized truck bed magnetic signs or tailgate magnetic signs. You can repeat this process until you have all the truck magnetic sign sizes you need. Or give us a call (866) 267-4467 and have one of our friendly sales representatives get you set up with pricing and an order.

What's the advantage of truck magnetic signs over permanent truck graphics?

Magnetic truck signs give you the opportunity to use your vehicle in two separate ways...for work and pleasure. While working your truck magnetic signs give you the recognition while driving around town and to job sites. When the day is done and you want your vehicle to be devoid of any advertising while you're out on the town the magnetic truck signs can be removed and stored. Also, most people lease vehicles these days, so with magnetic signs you don't have to worry about removing permanent truck graphics before turning the vehicle in.

Is it possible to make custom cut outs on my truck magnetic signs for my tailgate handle?

We usually try to advocate leaving a magnetic sign completely intact, but in cases where our customers want to utilize more of their tailgate area, we can actually do a handle cut-out. To properly make the tailgate handle-cut out we'll need exact measurements of the handle area upon order placement.

What's the advantage of rounded corners over square corners?

Rounded corners greatly decrease the propensity for fly-offs over the course of the product's longevity. Square corners tend to "curl-up", causing a dog-ear effect over time, that could lead to magnetic sign fly-offs because the product is not flush on the vehicle. Rounded corners don't curl-up over time keeping the magnetic sign flush on the vehicle not allowing air to get underneath the magnetic sign which is a big culprit in most magnetic sign fly-offs.

Will surfaces will a truck magnetic sign not adhere too?

Magnetic material will only stick to steel or metal surfaces. Truck magnetic signs WILL NOT adhere to any aluminum surface so please be advised that when outfitting tractor trailers or box trucks with magnetic signage to keep it strictly to the doors of the vehicle.

Can I purchase just one tailgate magnetic sign?

Yes, you absolutely can. Tailgate advertising has become very popular these days and we get a lot of strictly tailgate magnetic sign orders. Even though we highly recommend pairing a tailgate magnetic sign with some truck door magnetic signs as well, the choice is yours. You ultimately control your advertising needs and we're here to help!

I have a large truck, so what is the maximum height for truck magnetic signs?

Our magnetic sign material can be ordered up to a maximum height of 24 inches. For most all vehicles this suffices, but if you are in need of a taller truck magnetic sign, please call and inquire about your options.

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